One Of A Kind Bridal Accessories – For The Bride & Bridal Party

When it comes to weddings, everyone focuses on the bride’s dress and what she chose for her bridesmaids to wear. The second thing everyone glances at is the accessories, mainly the ones in the hair and how they flow with the hairstyles. Hair accessories nowadays are just as critical as the jewelry and shoes which are painstakingly thought out.

Best Bridal Accessories At A Quick Glance

No matter what the style of your wedding is, bridal accessories can make or break the outfit. Choosing the right ones can enhance the outfit while selecting the wrong hairpieces will bring down the overall theme to a screeching halt. Bridal hair accessories are the jewelry of the hair when you think about it.

Flower crowns are the latest hair accessory to hit the scene, and if you’ve been to any wedding in the last year, I’m sure you’ve seen em. Perhaps you thought about incorporating one into your wedding but didn’t know if it would fit your style. No worries, there are plenty of other hairpieces to incorporate into your wedding. Not sure which hair flair would fit best for you and your bridal party? Heres a quick cheat sheet to help you make the right choice.

For the Classic Bride & Bridal Party:

  • Simple, sleek, minimalist pieces. Brides should look for tiara or tiara styled headbands, and her bridesmaids should wear clips or headbands with pearls. If a crown is a massive no-go for you, then stick with beads yourself.
  • Tiaras don’t have to be big or even go entirely around the head; they can be small and sit ontop to the head or be placed in the back of the head. Looks beautiful above a low veil.
  • Less is better for the classic look. Sleek and structured hairstyles are best. Updos should be securely pinned, and flyaway and frizz should be tamed down. A few loose curls by the front are typically let down. Semi-shine to high-shine products work best here.

For the Bohemian Bride & Bridal Party:

  • Flowy, floral, tassel, leaves, and natural pieces. You can do the classic floral crown, or you can do a simple decorative hairpiece. Bohemian accessories should be natural and don’t have to be put into the category of being structured in any way. Bohemian bridal parties have the luxury of being free and can play around with sizes and different colored clips, pins, or headbands.
  • Unkempt hairstyles work best here. Flyaways are welcomed and shouldn’t be tamed, let those babies be free. Its all about the “I just woke up like this” type of look that is style styled effortlessly. Think beach waves or curls, and updos can be loosely pinned. This theme is excellent for anyone who loves braids, and they fit the theme the best! Matte products work best here.

For the Vintage Bride and Bridal Party:

  • Hairnets, big single rose, feathers, and a rhinestone headband. Vintage brides and her bridal party can have a party in their hair because that’s what the theme is all about. Hair and the accessories are more of a standout feature here.
  • More is better with this theme. Finger waves, big barrel rolls, and big relaxed waves for curls can all work for this look. Are you getting your hair done professionally? Make sure you call around to find a stylist who can do vintage or retro types of hairstyle because not many of them can successfully; I’ve worked in multiple salons trust me. I’ve seen horror stories and bridal parties leave crying. High shine products work best here.

For the Modern Bride & Bridal Party:

  • Straight hair, natural curls, and waves. Modern hair is all about accepting the hair you were born with. Modern hair works bests with clips or pins. Play around with multiple styles and sizes of clips and add clips that are made out of fun shapes.
  • Barrettes are hugely hitting the modern wedding scene right now for those who are daring as well as acrylic clips.
  • Its all about mixing and matching clips for the modern bride, and wearing hair down or in a simple ponytail. Use products that leave the hair looking natural.


For the Romantic Bride & Bridal Party:

  • Sort of mimics the classic style but is a bit more laid back. Think one big statement hair clip or headband with this style. Most clips or pieces should be rhinestones or some sort of soft stone-like pearl, quartz, or any other type of white or pink stone.
  • Romantic hair should be tamed but in a loose and relaxed way. Side-swept styles work perfectly here! Use matte or low shine products.


Bridal accessories can be a good thing to wear to events surrounding the wedding, such as your bridal shower or bachelorette party.

Ready to shop for your hair accessory now? Let’s go!

Bohemian Bridal Headband 

Available in gold, rose gold, and silver!

View Price


Bridal String For Braids 

This can be trimmed to the size you want. Great for those who want accessories running through a braid or running throughout an updo of curls and waves.

View Price


Wedding Hair Comb 

This is the must-have hair accessory for current brides.

View Price

Vintage Bridal Hair Clip

Available in gold, black, or silver.

View Price

Pearl Headband 4 Pack 

Can be a great pack to give your bridal party and sane one to wear for yourself.

View Price

Floral Hair Pin 

Grat to place anywhere since it is a pin base.

View Price



Round Rhinestone Wedding Clips 

Get a few or get a bunch! The choice is up to you.

View Price

Simple Wedding Tiara 

The stunning tiara that can sit on top or be hidden down into the hair.

View Price

Floral Crystal Headband

Hair vine approximetly 9 inches long.

View Price

Rhinestone Bobby Pin 

Come in a pack of 16!

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4 Piece Bridal Headband 

Great set for you to layer up for to gift your bridesmaids!

View Price

Pearl Clips 

Every type of pearl clip you could need!

View Price

Modern Bridal Rhinestone Headband

Layered crystals.

View Price

Vintage Bohemian Crystal Headband 

Such a beautiful headband for any bohemian wedding. Comes in silver, gold, and rose gold.

View Price

Large Wedding Tiara 

For the clasic bride who is inspired by the royal wedding.

View Price

Flower Comb 

Place this on the side or in the back! Great for the bride, mother of the bride, or the bridemaids.

View Price

Crystal Headpiece 

Can be worn with multiple hairstyles.

View Price

Pearl Pins – Pearl and Diamond Clusters 

Available in silver and gold.

View Price

Vintage Golf Leaf Pin 

Great for those who want somethin gother than white.

View Price

Bridal Rhinestone Headband 

Available in rose gold and silver.

View Price

Pure Rhinestone Bridal Piece 

Pure crystal bridal hairpiece – variations of crystal sizes.

View Price

Bohemian Headpiece 

A classic spin the the typically natural bohemian headpiece.

View Price

Flower and Jewel Bridal Headband 

Available in a few different variations.

View Price

Pearl and Rhinestone Bridal Piece 

Use one or use a few to make your own masterpiece!

View Price

Teardrop Wedding Comb 

Can be worn in the front or the back.

View Price

Feather Bride Headpiece 

This comes in a few different styles and a few different variations.

View Price

Pearl Crystal Bridal Hairpin 

View Price

Floral Crown

For those who want the classic floral crown, there are a wide variety of styles and colors that you can choose from.

View Price

Leaf Hair Baratte 

Available in Silver and Gold.

View Price

Gatsby Headband 

Available in a few different variations!

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Variety Pack Bridal Hair Accessories 

38 different pieces! Great bang for your buck.

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Crystal CLuster Headband 

Can be adjusted and fit perfectly to any head size.

View Price

Decorative Hair Vine 

Can be bought in gold, rose gold, and silver.

View Price

Feather / Peacock Hair Piece 

Peacokc, feather and pearl accents.

View Price

Wedding Flower Comb With Chain 

Unquie hair piece that will truly be remebered.

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Bridal Hair Comb Set 

Great set to get if you want to incorporate your bridesmaid’s hair with your own.


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