Green Pants Outfit – Styling Do’s and Dont’s From A Professional Stylist

So you went ahead and finally stepped outside your jeans box, good for you. You took the plunge on buying those green pants and now you aren’t quite sure on how to style them. Before you think you made a mistake and want to return them look below for style tips on how to style them.

Green pants are one of the best wardrobe staples next to blue jeans and black pants. They work great with almost every color and an abundance of patterns. Yes, I know that you’re thinking green pants should only be worn on St. Patricks day but that’s just not true. Read on newbie, you’re going to like what you read.


Pair green colored pants with:

  • White
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Tan
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Pink

Yeah, I do realize I just named you the rainbow but that is because green pants can really be worn with any color! I’m trying to make a point Linda. There is too much of a good thing though and below I have suggestions as to what colors to stay away from.

Keep in mind the tone of green will determine what color you should really pair with. For instance: don’t pair bright green pants with orange. That would be an eyesore for anyone who has eyes. 

Try to stay away from pairing green colored pants with:

  • Too much Orange
  • Too much Red 
  • Mixing greens (Don’t mix olive green with emerald green, etc)
  • Neon colors 
  • Purple – unless it’s a deep dark plum 

Rule of thumb: if you’re new to wearing green pants start off by styling them with neutrals!

Green Pants With Red

Starting this bad boy off with a bang. While most people stay away from mixing green and red during the winter season, I’m here to tell you it’s ultra chic at the moment.

Start with something small by styling your pants with a red accessory, such as a purse, and move your way up to tops with red accents. You can’t go wrong paring colors as long as they’re in the same color family. Pair olive pants with a maroon red and pair emerald pants with a cherry red. Go back to first-grade art class and remember color hues. 

Outfit suggestions below for green pants paired with red tops! 

green pants outfit

Outfit Deatils: This outfit works well because the red blazer is accompanied by a white blouse! To make this outfit realistic to a winter climate pair with red, black, silver, gold or brown boots! Finish off the outfit by matching your purse or clutch to the same color of the boots you decide to go with!

Keep in mind it can be an eyesore to have a solid green bottom and a solid green top. If that is all you have in your closet than chose a large accent necklace, belt or a scarf of a neutral color so it can block up the outfit a bit. This outfit works so well because of the white blouse that breaks up the green and red color.

Still unsure about mixing green pants with a red top? Go with a safe option and pair your green pants with a red top, blazer or jacket that has some sort of pattern to it.

Outfit Details: It is my personal preference to pair green pants with red that has some sort of pattern. Mixing patterns is totally in this season and here you see a red polka dot blouse mixed with a yellow snake pattern pure. While this is a super chic outfit idea for you to follow, I would pair this outfit with a long plaid red and white cardigan to really tie in the whole outfit. Polka dots and plaid are a must do this winter season!

If you have similar high waisted pants as the one in this photo, try tucking in your blouse and wearing a long cardigan to give yourself elongated lines. Elongated lines on an outfit will make your body shape look fire AF! Why? Because the lines from your waist and the line on the bottom of the cardigan gives people multiple places to look. It’s an unconscious thing humans don’t even realize their eyes do, all we realize is damn that girls outfit is too legit to quit.

Green Pants Paired With Neutral Colors – A Go-To Style

While green colored pants work well with almost every color it is without a doubt a fact that they pair the best with neutral colors. Neutrals that work the best are black, brown, white, and tan. All year long you can pair green with neutrals and have an in style outfit every girl is going to be pintresting.

Any type of green material pant is going to work with blue! Dark blue, light blue, and my personal favorite a jean blue! One of the most popular things to use as a top to complete your olive green pant outfit is a jean jacket or a button up blue blouse! If you are lame sauce and don’t already own a jean jacket, get one now! It pairs well with any pant color and can be worn all year round!

Outfit suggestions for olive pans with jean material below.

Outfit Details: As you can see here these olive pants are paired in a relaxed style with a white slouchy tee, distressed jean jacket, and sneakers! If you want to dress this outfit up a bit I suggest tucking the shirt in and pairing it with heels or boots!

If you like the look of this exact outfit but feel like it could use some flair try looking for a jean jacket that has fringe, sequins or other additive materials! Go retro and start collecting patches to sew or iron onto your jean jacket!

I have this exact outfit but I choose to pair a black and white striped t-shirt underneath the jean jacket and finish off the look with some converse. Black and white is again neutral colors and brings a bit of pop to the outfit. 

If you just aren’t into the jean jacket trend I suggest trying a blue blouse with white buttons! It is just as classic as a jean jacket but won’t be as thick which is great if you aren’t a person who wants to layer up!

Outfit details: As you can see here olive pants are paired with a tucket in a light jean button-down blouse. While this is a sleeveless jean blouse you can do one with sleeves or pair a sleeveless one with a jacket, sweater or cardigan. Finish the look off with some nude heels or boots and a nude belt! Your flair to this outfit will come in the form of a leopard purse, which is currently a huge trend. If you want more flair in your face layering and you are in a cool climate then go ahead and pair this outfit with a long leopard cardigan!

Green Pants With Neutral Colors – White, Black, Brown

You simply can not mess up paring greenwash pants with a neutral color. No matter if you prefer black or brown, it will match! Heck, you can even mix black and brown when styling green pants! Somehow green pants work as Switzerland in the fashion world and gets along with almost everyone.

Paring greenwash pants with naturals allows you the opportunity to dress up for work or dress casually for brunch. Perhaps you are into outfits you can wear to work and then out for drinks with your ladies, great! Just switch your work heels for fun booties and you will be good to go.

Outfit Details: Gotta love a good flowing white top! Pairs well with any color of green you can think of for pants. Wear this outfit around the holidays to cover up some of that holiday snacking you’ve been doing.

A flowy top such as this one works great with long necklaces or layering necklaces. 

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