PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer & Dual Universal Cell Phone Charger Review

If you are on your phone reading this then I am about to majorly gross you out. Put your phone down before you continue reading or I can promise you after the next sentence you are going to throw it down, breaking your screen and then you’re going to blame it on my stupid article you read on my stupid website.

Did you put it down? Okay, good job. Cell phones are THE dirtiest object you touch every day. Yes, it is even dirtier than money and the toilet seat at Walmart. This is because you touch everything throughout the day and then touch your phone! Your phone gets placed on tables, public benches and even placed on top of bathroom shelves. On average phones have 25,000 germs per square inch. 

It is because of this reason it is not only a want but a need, that you look into properly cleaning your cell phone each day and night. We charge our phones at least once, most likely a few times a day and it is a good rule of thumb to disinfect while you charge! This is where the genius of Phonesoap comes into play.

Let us take a second to learn about the germs on our phones; where they come from and how they stay on so strong. Learning how our phones get dirty will allow you to see the importance and genius of this new Phonesoap sanitizing product. 

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Why are cell phones so dirty?

Your hand is mostly to blame for this; we touch our phones over 50 times per day! We also place our phones on top of places we typically touch and then wash our hands after; such as public tables, toilets, and exchanging money.

When you think about it we touch something that grosses us out, will be on our way to the bathroom and on the walk there will take out our phone to look at. Once we get to the bathroom we will wash our hands and then pick up that same germy phone we just used and continue scrolling. It’s an evil, sneaky germ cycle.

How dirty are phones exactly?

Lets put it this way, in a recent study it has been measured that more than 17,000 bacterial gene copies are found on a single users cell phone; this is 10 x more than what is found on public toilet seats…this statistic includes port-o-potties too so…

Out of these microorganisms can be a disease such as:

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Why not just use disinfectant wipes or sprays to clean and sterilize a cellphone?

I mean this should seem obvious to most people, but I’ll answer it anyway. Disinfectant wipes and sprays have moisture in them, therefore, making them harmful to anything electronic, like your phone.

Even disinfectant products with a high alcohol content that makes them fast drying still won’t be a great idea to use; this is because if the moisture gets into your phone through things such as speakers and charging ports it can ruin the insides. Electrical things + water = bad news bears. Everyone should have learned this in 1st grade.

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What is a UV cell phone sanitizer?

This is actually the first device of its kind! This is basically a little sanitizer box for your cell phone that kills 99.99%  of bacteria on your phone. It sanitizes the entire phone and not just the screen.

This specific Phonesoap product also allows you to charge your phone while you are sanitizing ti

How does a UV cell phone sanitizer work?

Inside the box is UV C bulbs that give light and kill germs. A transparent plate holds your phone and the light bounces off the mirrors inside. Holds any phone, even the big iPhones.

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I was using wipes and sprays to clean my phone until I noticed it was ruining my charging port. I’ve always known how dirty phones were I just guess I never really realized to the full extent until I started researching.

In one of the reviews of this, someone bought home a Petrie dish from their work and showed before and after pictures of the bacteria culters taken from their phone; the after results were shocking, and really showed how well this product works.

I love that this sanitizing box has the ability to sanitize the entire phone and not just one side or the other. It has the ability to clean inside small holes around the phone that would be impossible to clean with just your fingers or even a Q-tip. Some of these holes include the charging port, speaker holes, and camera ports.

I use this box to sanitize a bunch of things besides just my phone like:

  • Keys
  • Ear Buds
  • Glasses
  • Jewelry
  • Makeup Brushes
  • Toothbrush Head
  • Apple Watch

I first got this because I was going to visit my mom in the hospital a bunch. Not only did I not want to bring home germs from the hospital but she was in the ICU and I didn’t want to bring in germs to her room.

I love this product! I know you can’t fully see the sanitizing being done in front of your eyes, but trust me it works! Maybe its all in my head but I swear this was the first flu season I didn’t get sick.

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FAQ’s about Phonesoap 3 Cellphone Sanitizer

What are the inner dimensions?

8 x 6 x 2 inches

How long does the total disinfection take?

Only about 10 minutes!

What colors do the sanitizing boxes come in?

Black, White, Aqua, Gold, Gunmetal Gray, Indigo, Light Gold, Pink, Periwinkle, Sand, Silver

How is the 3rd version different from the old ones?

This 3rd version of the Phonesoap is overall bigger in size. This allows for bigger and wider phones from all maker fit inside. The older models of this product weren’t big enough to hold bigger phones and therefore had trouble shutting!

Does it fit phones with popsockets on them?

Yes! Because of the new and bigger deisgn, it can fit phones with pop sockets or any other type of accessory.

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Product Issues

I have to be honest, there aren’t too many issues with this product overall. They really have made it great and any issues with older models are solved with this new one. Most of the problems or as I like to call them wishes with this product are all 21st-century ones.

No Beeper

I wish there was either a countdown clock or some type of timer that beeped when this product was done sanitizing.

Will Fade Logos A Bit 

After a few sanitizing sessions you might notice the logo on products that have been printed on with black ink will start to fade. This might include logos on things like earbuds or watches.


I personally haven’t had issues with my popsocket but some reviews have said that after a few months of cleaning their popsocket started to get a bit wiggly. This is most likely due to the light and the adhesive on them. If you’re like me and have a good quality popsocket that is made with higher quality material it should be fine.

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Final Thoughts

Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t work or isn’t there. If you could actually see all the germs piling up on your phone than you would be getting this phone sanitizer without a doubt.

I can personally say that I have gotten less sick after starting to use this product. I like that it comes in a large variety of colors and it only takes 10 minutes to use which is great for people who are always on the move.

I just throw mine in before bed and grab it out in the morning. With 18x more germs than the average toilet, it should be a no brainer you need this product in your life! Yes, your phone is covered in germs but lucky for you now you can do something about it!

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