Revlon One Step Hairdryer Review By A Cosmetologist

revlon hair dryer

No matter if you’re a busy mom of 4, married to your desk at the office or just have hobbies coming outta your ass we all have one thing we compete with, TIME! There never seems to be enough of it in one day and we’re always looking for more of it. This means that when products come out that claim to save time, everyone jumps on it.

Revlon one step hairdryer claims to be a hairdryer and straightener all in one that helps add volume and shine while cutting down your overall hair routine time…but does it really work? Well keep on reading and find out…


Big Barrel = Big Volume

The overall size of this product is most likely going to be larger than you expect. No worries though it’s big size does not mean it has a big weight; the product weighs under 2 lbs. The big barrel is made that way intentionally and it is because the barrel is so big that you are able to get such significant volume! 

The barrel itself is purposely made to be an oval shape so you can easily put it close to your roots and get the volume right off your head! Trying to achieve this with a round brush and hairdryer itself is hard…for anyone! Your stylist can easily do it to you because doing hair on someone else’s head is always going to be easier than doing hair on your own head, no matter if you’re a professional or not!

Cool Tip

The end of the barrel has a cool tip that aids in moving the barrel around and won’t burn you! The cool tip works as an anchor for your other hand to help guide where the tool moves. It will get a bit warm over time but nothing to the degree that it will hurt you and void you from not being able to use it.

Con: The barrel head is nondetachable, which means the barrel head shape, height and width is the only one you are getting. You can not attach another head from another product onto the shaft and be able to use it, so don’t even try! It’s called electrocution and that shit is real.

Styling Side Note: Smaller barrel items such as a small barrel round brush or curling iron means you have to put in more work to manually stretch and manipulate the hair by doing a bigger arch movement with your arm and hand. If you want the most volume use bigger barrels.

Does Revlon One Step Hairdryer Add Volume? The answer is yes!

Less Heat Than Straightener & Softer Than A Blow Dryer = Less Damaged Hair = More Shine

What puts this at the top of my tools list is the fact that it’s not as hard on your hair as a blow dryer and isn’t as hot as a straightener! 1 in 2 women uses either of those tools on a daily as part of their hair care routine and some even use both!

Knock Knock – Who’s There? – It’s your hair, and it’s telling you to give it a break or it’s going to break off from your head pretty soon.

Not only can using hot tools daily damage your hair resulting in split ends or breakage, but it ruins your hair integrity. Once the overall integrity of the hair shaft is ruined it loses its shine and leaves you with that dull, frizzy appearance. Unfroutnetly once the hair is ruined the only cure is to cut the damaged ends, and start heavy deep conditioning treatments.

Other factors of damage include:

  • Your water standards (hard water, etc.)
  • Products you do or don’t use
  • If you get your hair colored or bleached
  • Vitamins you take or don’t take
  • Number of times you wash and blow dry your hair a week
  • Number of times you use hot tools
  • Using damaging hair accessories

Turn that frown upside down because I have good news for you! Using a 2 in 1 hair tool like this Revlon product can help you prevent damage before it even has a chance to start! Because it can do the job of 2 stying tools in 1 means you have to use less heat in a fewer amount of time. Overall less manipulation of your hair decreases the amount of damage.

Heating Settings + Ion Technology

It has 3 different heat settings of cool, low and high which means you have more opportunity to protect your hair. The heating element found under the brush is made out of a ceramic coating which aids in even heat distribution and forces heat to go form the inside out which aids in less harm and more shine!

It also uses Ion Technology which is basically like when you go through a car wash and the water droplets quickly disperse and trail off from your windshield. They get spit off in such a fast way you can see them disappear still in the shape of water droplets and after a few moments, your car is dry. Ion technology does the same to your hair, eliminating the water droplets before they even get a chance to soak into your hair strand.

Less Wind Force

This tool doesn’t emit as much air force as a standard blowdryer thanks to the design of its airflow vents, which provide wide coverage. Less wind force = saved hair shaft.  If this doesn’t make sense to you, think of using a blow dryer on tissue paper. After a time the tissue paper is going to crumble and eventually break… the same thing goes for your hair. While hair overall seems like a pretty sturdy element, when viewed closely it is actually quite frail and each strand is its own being. To protect each strand of hair is protecting your hair’s shine! 

Does Revlon One Step Hairdryer Add Shine? The answer is yes!

Con: While this is the best type of blowdryer + hairstraightner duo you can use it is still a heat tool. To maintain hair health it is highly recommended you use products as a protecting shield for your hair. Invest in a solid detangler spray, moisturizing spray, blow-styling spray or heat protectant. Get all if you want but at the bare minimum use a detangler if you have hard to brush hair and a heat protecting spray as a barrier for your hair to hide under. 

My personal favorite is the Kenra Blow Dry Spray which works as an all in one hair product system. It smells marvelous and works as not only a heat protectant but works exceptional as a styling mist, detangler, and adds shine. I use this not only on myself but on all my clients with varying hair types.

If you are using the tool without a product you might not get the volume and shape that will hold and last your style throughout the day. Keep this in mind before you discredit the tool as being good or not. A tool will get you the style you want, but to get the best style possible you will need the tool with the help of products. There is just no other way around it, no matter what styling tool you may be using. It’s not just a sales pitch your stylist tries to use on you, the hair industry is a billion-dollar industry for a reason. If they didn’t work they wouldn’t be bought. 

2 Products in 1 Cuts Time In Half

If it still isn’t obvious to you by now, this 2 in 1 product is sure to cut your styling time by half. Even if you aren’t one who uses the blow dryer and then a straightener, but typically styles your hair with a brush and blowdryer, this will still save you time. Typically for blowouts, you want to get your hair 60% dry, pin it and then go back with a round brush and style it out.

Skip the two-step hairstyles and just do it at the same time. Unlike other heated round brush tools, this one is specifically made for wet hair! You can go from the shower, to towel, to a dry style in half the time you are most likely doing now!

Bristles found on this are nylon pin bristles mixed with tuft bristles which will help your hair stay tangle free while you are styling. The two different bristles work together to grab hair and pull it down in a way that will also help add shine.

Con: While the bristles are exceptional for styling and keeping your strands tangle free, you still will have to use a wet brush to do a once over your hair to get rid of tangles that may have happened during your shower or when you put your hair up in the towel. You don’t want to go right into this tool with a head full of nasty tangles. It is during this step I would use a detangler, and use a blowdrying, leave-in conditioner or styling mist right before you use the Revlon tool. 

Does Revlon One Step Hairdryer Save Time? The answer is yes!


Much like anything else in life, this isn’t a full proof tool with zero flaws. Some negatives might be important to you and some might be a no big deal. I’ll go over a few flaws that I myself haven’t personally had but is reported by some reviewers.

Burn Out 

No tool is going to be a life long tool, especially not in the hair field. Your husband’s power tools may last him his lifetime, but does he use them every day? Linda, put your hand down, your husbands in the trade industry and that is a special case.

Even professional tools have some type of shelf life and that is just the way of the road. While this tool meets U.S. safety requirements and proudly features the ETL Certification seal after a few years it could crap out on you. In this case, you will have to purchase a new one or you can look for the warranty that comes with your tool at the time of purchase!

If you have a special case and it dies on you or is damaged even a bit after your warranty is already up then I suggest you still reach out to where you got it from! Merchants most of the time are willing to work with you and will send you a replacement, granted it’s not clear you just purposely broke it. Throwing it out the window because you saw a spider might be covered under warranty terms and conditions, but throwing it out the window at your cheating bae might not be.

Typical warranties last anywhere from 1 -6 years and while it seems like you won’t ever need it, just take the time to fill it out and mail the bad boy back in! Warranties are like insurance and you always wish you had it once you need to use it.

Check The Voltage 

Heres the deal,  Revlon One Step Unit is designed for 120V USA outlets ONLY. 

If you need 220V or for other countries then look for the correct voltage and plug adapter and buy a set down converter. People highly suggest this converter for those traveling outside of the US and that can be found with this link here!  

Final Thoughts

While this product seems too good to be true I am living proof that it is not! Having a tool that can be used on wet hair that not only drys it but smoothes it out at the same time, is really the genius life hack girls have been waiting years for. 

My only complaint to this product is the fact that it isn’t wireless, which would make it that much more fabulous. It does come with a 6-foot swivel cord which is, in fact, longer than my body so I should really stop being a basic bitch about it. This tool is really a game-changer and can give women everywhere a fresh salon-done look!

If you typically wear your hair curly and don’t know how you would look with a fresh blowout, then it might be helpful to use a hairstyle app to see first hand!

Note: I am in the works of editing my own pictures to add throughout to show you real results I have gained from using this product! Any questions or comments feel free to leave the love below!

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