The Beachwaver Beach Wave Pro Curling Iron Review

The Beachwaver curling iron is a lazy girls dream. It will give you professional results with the ease of one button! It comes in a 1” diameter which is a good standard for all hair lengths!

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What is the Beachwaver beach wave curling iron?

This curling iron has professional qualities with non-professional ease of use. It is meant to give you the beach wave look that is overall relaxed yet resembles a put together style. It works with the push of one Button!

How does this work?

It has a mini clamp which is meant to clamp down your ends and allows the curling iron to twirl the rest of your hair.

Unlike a full-length clamp found on most curling irons, this has a mini clamp which only clamps your ends. This allows you to have more of a flowy look to your hair overall vs a total uniformed look.

Step 1 – Select L or R depending on what side you’re curling

Step 2- Section your hair and clamp the end

Step 3- Press go and it will rotate in the direction you picked

Step 4- Hold for 3-5 seconds

Step 5- Let go of clamp and let hair slide out

Step 6- Allow Hair to cool and spray with hair spray or setting spray

Can you control the temperature?

YES! Unlike most standard curling irons this allows you to control the heat range of 310º F – 450º F in 30 seconds. Because the heat is so high you only need to hold the curl for a few seconds, which allows for a fast styling time.

This temperature range is great for those with any hair type and is even safe to use on fine hair.

There is a clear LCD screen that shows you what the temperature setting is!

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I originally got this product because I liked that it turned directions with a button and that you can control the heat. I have super thick hair so I need high heat!

Another thing I really liked is that you can control the speed of the curling iron! I like mine to go fast but when I’m doing other peoples hair I really like to set it on the slow setting because people get nervous if it goes fast. Even though I am a cosmetologist client still get nervous so to keep them feeling comfortable I go slow. To go slow you just have to hold the L button down for 8 seconds! To speed it up you press the R button down and it will go faster, it is literally that easy.

I prefer that this tool is lightweight because it makes throwing it in my gym bag easy. When I’m getting ready on the go I have a lot of tools and items with me so when things are lightweight it’s a big plus!

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Beachwave Curling Irons At A Quick Glance

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How long is the cord?

9 feet which give ample room for even the tallest girl!

How long gs the barrel?

6.5” which makes it great for any hair length but especially helpful for those with medium to long hair.

Is it on a swivel cord?

YES! This allows for easier use of the curling iron.

Can anyone in the world use this?

Yes anyone can use this however it is made specifically for outlets in the USA only. It is not meant to be used with an adapter or converter.

Is it comfortable to use?

DUH! The handle is shaped to fit your hand comfortably and I prefer this shape to the classic straight shape.

Is there a learning curve?

A bit. Since this is an automatic curling iron it will feel a bit different the first few times you use it. I suggest practicing with this it before you turn the heat on, or you could burn yourself. For newbies start in the slow mode before going to the faster setting. When in doubt let go a few seconds before you want to and you can slowly curl once you reach towards the roots. After a few curls, you will get the hang of it!

Remember to keep the size of your hair section in mind. If you grab a section that is too big it won’t curl evenly and you will have a droopy wave instead of a bouncy one. Smaller sections will also curl faster so you only have to hold them about 3 seconds.

Does it have an automatic shut off?

It does which I really like becuase I will be out somewhere and literally run home to make sure I unplugged and turned off my heat tools.

Final Thoughts

This curling iron is super easy to use and gives professional results. If you can press buttons then you can use this device. For those looking for beach waves curls, this is the product for you! If you are looking for tighter curls then I don’t suggest this for you.

Do not use if you are going on vacation in Europe becuase it will break or explode (I personally haven’t traveled to Europe with it but I’ve seen a few reviews that have said this to be true).

One of the easiest tools I have used and I love that it gives the modern curl results that are currently trending! To achieve the best results pair with a curling product or texturizing spray! 


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