The Best Blonde Hair Extensions To Own Now

Looking to add volume or length to your blonde hair but don’t know where to start? No worries, I am here to make your blonde hair dreams come true.

Below are the best blonde hair extensions and take it from someone who works in the industry, these are all legit!

Each type of extension is unique in its own way and may require different methods of application.


Best Blonde Extensions At A Quick Glance

Quick Extension 101

Extensions are made from either real human hair or synthetic hair. Synthetic hair can not be curled or straightened and if you try to use hot tools on it it will burn and melt.

Real human hair requires a bit more maintenance such as washing it and combing it out. You are able to create any style you want with human hair where synthetic hair is made to be worn the exact way it comes.

For volume and length, I suggest getting two separate packs so that it blends evenly with your hair. If you have super thick hair and you are trying to just add length I suggest getting two packs of the same length.

Grams describe the thickness of the hair, more grams equals more hair.

Batite Dry Shampoo

You can use a bit of dry shampoo in any kind of hair extension.

IN human hair you can use it to keep it smelling clean and fresh, and in synthetic hair, you can use it to take away shine and also keep it clean and fresh.

For those who are unfamiliar with dry shampoo, Batiste is a good go-to and it works great for your extensions as well as your real hair.

Madison Braids Women’s Two Strand Headband Hair Braid 

Madison Braid Women Hair Extension

Type: Headband braid

Hair Type: Synthetic hair

Length: Adjustable to fit around different size heads

Colors: silver, greys, and blondes

You have probably seen these Madison braids being advertised on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

If you have an ombre hairstyle you can either pick a braid to match your roots or match the bottom colors of your hair.

Tips and Tricks

Remember to always store your extensions in a dry place. Don’t keep them smushed up and try to lay them flat or hang them up if possible.

storing hair extensions

If you travel a ton I suggest getting an extension carrying case. They are cheap and will really help the life of your extensions.

If your extensions are to shiny when compared to the rest of your hair used dry shampoo or baby powder to matte them up.

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