The Best Must-Have Vacation Items Under $100

Vacation Must Haves

A few of these vacation must-haves are going to be a real lifesaver for you! Click on any picture to shop the product and scroll to the bottom to learn more info on some items you might be unfamiliar with!


Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree oil is sort of a super oil and it can be used for a variety of things such as:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Helps heal and take the pain away from sunburn
  • Insect repellant
  • Antisceptic for cuts
  • Helps skin inflammation

It is great for those who may get sun poisoning and you can dab a bit of this on your face to control the puffiness and swelling.

First Aid Kit

This is a total mom thing to bring, but I don’t know how many times I’ve had people come to me when traveling because they know I have a first aid kit with important essentials.

Nothing will ruin a trip more than needing a bandaid and not having a single one in sight.

Backpack Purse Bag

While on vacation you most likely will have a few days where you are out exploring and walking around a new, and unfamiliar city. A traditional purse can be uncomfortable to lug around all day long.

A backpack purse or bag, whichever you want to call it, can be a great alternative to a traditional purse. They are more comfortable to wear and often have more room which is helpful for storing items you may buy out on your exploring.

Beach Rug

A beach rug is great for people who love to lay in the sand without being covered in it. You can lay directly on this beach rug or you can use it beneath your favorite towel.

This beach rug is a best seller and has a cute white fringe detail that makes it stand out against others on the market.

You can personalize this with your name which is a cute touch and can be perfect to get as a bundle for your vacation travel buddies.

Brumate Tumbler

I absolutely love Brumate! This company has hit the nail on the head when it comes to insulating nice cold adult beverages. Their products are practical and beautiful.

This tumbler can be personally engraved with a monogram of your choice! The seller even has fun fonts to choose from.

Use this to chill champagne or mixed drinks! An added bonus is this tumbler is super easy to clean!

Towel Cinch

A towel cinch may be the best invention on the market for those who prefer to lay on beach chairs instead of beach towels.

This towel sinch comes in different colors and helps your towel stay when you need to get up to take a dip in the pool or grab yourself a refill on your pina colada.

A towel cinch can also help prevent your seats from getting taken when you are at a resort or cruise where everyone uses the same towels. Besides saving your seat it will be easy to spot where your chair is when you come back.

Selfie Light

What is a vacation without vacation pictures? This selfie light is a trick influencers everywhere use to take bomb pictures at any time of the day.

This light attaches to any phone and has 3 different levels of lighting.

Revlon One-Step Volumizer

This thing seriously rocks! I use to dread the days when I had to wash and dry my hair but with this little device, I actually look forward to it.

This is a blow-dryer and styler all in one. Take it from a cosmetologist, this thing is like a professional salon blowout from a simple device.

When you are on vacation the last thing you want to do is waste time getting ready. This cuts down your routine by 75% and makes doing your hair a breeze.

My suggestion for use would be to shower, put your hair up in a towel, do your makeup and then style your hair. If you like to put your makeup on last then go ahead and use the styler before you do your makeup. Either way works, and it is up to personal preference.

Don’t forget to also pack your favorite eyeliner! I recently put together this list of the best eyeliners for sensitive eyes that I think you will enjoy!

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