The Ultimate Womens Poncho

Obsessed with this three in one top!

It’s part sweater, part poncho, part turtleneck!

I’m going to go ahead and call it wearable blanket.


Top : Francesca’s …. A similar top can be found here!

Pants : H&M …Can be found here!




Ties at the side of this top keep it together so it forms around your body and doesn’t just lay on you awkwardly.  


Most ponchos just lay on you but this one is a hybrid and has arm sleeves for you to wear!

Great for short girls who sometimes wants to cover the top of the legs…its a short girl thing. Sometimes you just want to be comfy and not have to worry about how your thighs look dangling down from your chair at a restaurant while you feet dangle two inches above the ground.

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