Travel Manicure Kit – Manicure On The Go

If you’re anything like me I barley have time to paint my own nails, let alone go into a salon to get a manicure. Clean, attractive, healthy-looking nails is a basic hygiene skill everyone should possess. When you let your nails get out of control it makes your overall appearance look messy and makes you look like a dirty adult. Don’t be that person. Invest in a decent travel kit so you can look like you give a fuck about your overall appearance.

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What is a manicure?

A manicure is the grooming process of your hands. This typically involves cutting, filing, shaping and buffing your nails. For those of you who want to really look clean, you’re going to want to get a cuticle pusher and nipper. Make sure you have a tool to remove any excess dirt under your fingernails.

What are the steps to a proper manicure?

Manicure steps should go as followed:

  • Remove polish
  • Cut your nail
  • Apply cuticle softener
  • Push down cuticle
  • Cut cuticle
  • File/shape your nail
  • Buff your nail
  • Clean off the nail with alcohol or some other drying agent to remove excess moisture
  • Apply base coat, then polish, followed by top coat
  • Use drip dry to help nail polish dry (this stop is suggested but not necessary)

Wait a second, what is the cuticle?

So many people get this wrong. The cuticle is a layer of clear skin located along the bottom edge of your finger or toe. This area is known as the nail bed. The cuticle has the main function of protecting new nails from bacteria when they grow out from the nail root.

I have my cosmetology license and specialized in nails for years. Listen to me or don’t listen to me, but for your nails sake listen to me. Get a cuticle softener before you nip or push your cuticle. This will not only make cleaning of your cuticle easier for you but it will prevent you from cutting skin you aren’t supposed to, which can lead to infection and irritation.

Note: Soaking your hands in warm soapy water will soften your cuticles BUT IS NOT the same thing as a cuticle softener. 

You can either make your own cuticle softener or buy a pre-made one. Softener can be found in a drip dropper, lotion consistency or a cream.

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Best Wallet Style Travel Manicure Kit 

This kit is very discrete, it looks and feels like a wallet. All the tools are made from quality material. Inside you will find everything you need to do a proper manicure, plus much more.

3 different size nail clippers make this kit useful to trim your hands and feet. You want to use the correct size nail clipper so you don’t do damage to your nails. Make sure you take time and use the clipper that will cut your nail in one even click.

This set comes with a cuticle nipper and pusher! Each tool has a strapped-in compartment area so you have a spot for it to live, thus keeping track of each piece a breeze. While the case itself may look like real leather, it’s not, it’s faux leather!

Dimensions: Closed. 7″ by 4″. Open 7″ by 9 .5″

Wallet travel kit includes:

  • 3 different size nail clippers
  • multipurpose scissor
  • x blackhead needle and loop remover,
  • 1x cuticle trimmer
  • 1x eyebrow tweezer
  • 1x nail file
  • 1x dig ear spoon
  • 1x spiral Ear spoon
  • 1xBend Curved Tweezers
  • 1x V-shaped push stick

While this set has a wide variety of tools, it is still wallet size. Not great for those who carry small purses, or have a tiny carry-ons as is. Finding extra space for something of this size isn’t life-shattering, but it can be annoying.

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Best Pocket Size Travel Manicure Set 

Big things can come in small packages. While this traveling set is small it packs everything you need for a basic manicure without any extra unneeded frills.

Great for those who want a discrete travel manicure set. Let me warn you though, you get what you pay for. While the tools are legit, it is a set under $10. Don’t expect this kist to last you the rest of your life. You will want to replace this in a few years.

I like that this case has an easy to open clasp and not just a cheap zipper. For those of you who haven’t used manicure tools they can be bulky. Having a tool case that is made with a clasp means it will last longer, and you don’t have to worry about a zipper popping.

Dimensions: 2.87 in X 4.92 in

Small pocket size kit includes:

  • Two clippers
  • Scissors
  • File
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Tweezer
  • Extractor

Unfortunately, this set doesn’t come with a cuticle nipper aka cuticle trimmer, only a cuticle pusher.

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Beautiful Travel Manicure Kit 

This set is going to be a step above the last two sets we just went over. Tools in this set are all stainless steel, making these tools rust resistant. Closest professional manicure set you are going to find. 

Clippers in this set are going to be much sharper vs the other two above. Each clipper has a twice sharpened blade that is going to make cutting your nails as easy as a Sunday morning.

The biggest thing you will notice with this set is the weight. Each tool is a little bit heavier and weighted, allowing you to have better control over each tool. 

The toenail clipper in this set is suggested for those of you 30+ or for those of you who have thicker toenails. Having a heavier toe nail clipper allows you to cut through thick nails better because your hand has better control of the tools.

Dimensions: 6.2*1.05*4.5 inches

Tools in this set are similar to the professional manicure tools I use as a nail tech! While I wish I could link you to my tools I use exactly I can’t. Nail tech and cosmetologist need a license for a reason, number one including safety. If you don’t know how to use tools that are professionally sharpened you can really hurt yourself or others.

High-quality set includes:

  • Stainless Steel Precision Toenail Clippers
  • Stainless Steel Nail Scissors (Curve edge)
  • Stainless Steel Nail Scissors (Oblique cut)
  • Stainless Steel Nail File
  • Stainless Steel Ear Cleaner
  • Stainless Steel Tweezers
  • Stainless Steel Vibrissac Scissors
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Extra Info:

Most manicures are finished with some type of polish or nail design. If you are watching money or are in a pinch to do your own nails yourself you can find easy DIY nail designs. As a nail tech, I can tell you that most nail designs are easy to do once you are taught how to do them.


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