Acrylic Earring + Black Overalls

With Spring right around the corner, I am jumping straight into all of the fun spring colors. For this outfit; I paired acrylic earrings, with a checkered shirt, black overalls and a yellow sweater tied around my waist.

If you are ever feeling bloated, a sweater around the waist is a great way to hide your midsection. It is also a nice way to have a backup sweater without having to carry it around…or making your boyfriend carry it around….


The earrings I am wearing in the picture came in this great six pack! The backings to the earrings are a soft plastic which holds the earrings close to the ear really well and are comfortable to wear.

I prefer these earring backs over the regular metal ones now and I might never go back.

Plastic earring backs look better holding the earring to the ear because it blends in with every skin tone, and doesn’t show when you have your hair up. They also hold the earring firm and don’t give you the oblong hole shape that metal earrings backs often do.

I love that these earrings are minimalist and remind me of my other favorite earrings I throw into my outfit line by Uncommon James. 

Are you a fan of accessories? I recently did an article about my favorite non-damaging hair ties that you can view here!

Black Overalls 



Black overalls are my little black dress. I wear them year round and they really go with everything. Great for multiple occasions including brunch, dinner, and work.

To wear overalls in summer pair a crop top, tank or cami underneath. If you have pants, just simply roll up the bottoms and poof, instant air flow.


Yellow Sweaters 


This is a great sweater that works for spring, summer, and fall! Yellow and neon are going to be huge this year, so stock up now!

Neon may seem like a scary thought right now with winter and light skin, but remember you will get a nice bronze come summer.



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