Airbnb Ideas – Tips For Improving Your Airbnb

2018 is the year where you pull up the Airbnb app to book stays over googling hotels. Airbnbs are typically cheaper and, quite literally, a home away from home. I myself travel for months at a time for work and try to stay in Airbnbs as much as I can. When you live on the road hotels don’t have the same comforts of a home.

You don’t know what you have till its gone is a saying for a reason. If you don’t travel often you aren’t going to realize what you might take for granted in every day life. Simple things like making coffee or having utensils to make a meal are little things people who travel often miss most.

Let me be your inside view into what you should be stocking in your home while renting it out on Airbnb. Overtime guests will leave reviews on these little things you have in your place, attracting other renters!

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1.Stock Up On Utensils And Kitchen Appliances

This one sounds like a no brainer, but it’s one of the top things people who stay in Airbnbs will notice. Forks, knifes and spoons are the obvious things to have, but go outside the utensil drawer and get more! Anything you use over a month period in your kitchen should be available for your Airbnb guests. People love Airbnbs for a top reason of using a kitchen and being able to cook their own meals.

A must have for utensils in your Airbnb kitchen should include:

  • Wine Opener
  • Can Opener
  • Whisk
  • Strainer
  • Pot Set 
  • Pan Set
  • Water Filter Pitcher
  • Pitcher
  • Blender 
  • Juicer
  • Toaster Oven
  • Ice Cube Tray ( if you don’t have an ice cube maker)
  • Spatula
  • Variety Utensil Set ( Tongs, Flipping spatula, Soup ladle, Pasta Spatula, etc)

Writer Tip: Leave some cookbooks in your kitchen! It can be helpful to people who don’t cook often and will stand out to those who typically do! 


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2.Don’t Forget About Coffee and A Coffee Maker

Everyone loves a good cup of Joe. Coffee wakes up your soul and the smell of it in the morning makes you feel at home. If you want to go above and beyond, you can message your guest asking them what their favorite coffee/creamer is so you can keep it in stock for them. To really get that 5 star rating keep a variety of coffee creamers in stock such as Milk, Half & Half, Almond Milk, Soy Milk, Oat Milk and any other dairy alternative.

If you don’t want to message each guest I recommend getting a keurig and coffee pods. People love variety and your Airbnb will stand out above the rest. Complete your guests coffee experience with to go coffee cups and lids.  If you have guests that stay for long periods you might want to invest in some stand out coffee mugs. These mugs can be classic or quirky depending on the style of your home.


3. Must Own = Bluetooth Speaker For Airbnb

Just about everything now a days is going to the world of bluetooth. Make sure to have at least one bluetooth speaker in your home so guests have a way of listening to stuff. My 5 star tip for the bluetooth speaker is having a waterproof one in your shower!

Writers Tip: Leave a note in a picture frame by the bluetooth speaker explaining how it works and how to pair correctly with it. 



4. Stock Up On Games and Books

No matter if people are using an Airbnb for work or play, it’s a smart idea to have games and books. You always want to keep your guests entertained. A common misconception is only adults use Airbnb, when in facet families often use them as well. Airbnb attracts families for the convince and amenities they have to offer that most hotels don’t.

Game ideas for adult guests:

Game ideas for kids:

  • Uno
  • Apples to apples
  • What Ya Mouth
  • Pie Face
  • Life

Writers Tip: Keep books around for all ages. If you are located in a place typically frequented only by adults you don’t need to keep them out in a main bookshelf, but have a back up kids book stash at the ready for you to put out when a family books. 


5. Keep Extra Pillows And Blankets

A key element to Airbnb’s is giving people a place to sleep. Everyone has different sleeping habits. Some people sleep with no blankets, and others like to turn the air down low, get all cuddly and hibernate under multiple blankets. Keep this in mind when you are stocking up on blankets. You want your guests to have everything they can possibly want or need for sleeping. This concept applies for pillows as well. While you may think a few pillows is enough some people like to perk themselves up and sleep on Mt. Everest. Keep extras on the bed or in a spare closet, leave the pillow count up to your guest on how they choose to sleep.

Writers Tip: This may be one of my most important tips! Ratings for Airbnb’s are based off of the overall look of your place in the forefront. It may be a tiny bit shallow and at the end of the day pointless, but people remember the overall look of place vs other things. Having extra pillows and blankets around can give character, color, comfort, warmth and over all beauty to your space, leaving your guests with a better overall experience to remember.



6. Keep Backups Of Necessities

Nothing is worse than running out of basic living supplies. It’s always a great idea to keep extras of things such as bath towels, light bulbs, toilet paper, kleenex, and paper towels. Keeping backups gives your guest a worry free stay.


7. Remember Amenities For The Morning Routine

Wakey, Wakey, Eggs and Bacy! Help your guest start out their morning the right way and remember to keep around necessities like an iron, ironing board and/or a steamer.  No one wants to walk around looking like a wrinkle monster.


8. Decorate For The Holidays And The Season

A guest staying in your Airbnb means they aren’t staying in their own home. Make them feel like they are at home and decorate for the holidays and current season. Simple things such as keeping candle and soap scents matching the current season can really add a nice touch. Change around cheap throw pillows, rugs and other decorations to keep your space up to date.


9. Have A Welcome Binder

Welcome guests to your home with a Welcome Binder. Inside the binder you can welcome them to your home with house rules and expectations. Leave them a page explaining how to turn things on, wifi info and where certain things may be located, such as remotes. Leaving information on the property and the overall neighborhood can be an added bonus people will appreciate.

Go above and beyond to get that 5 star rating. Make some extra pages with information like :

  • Take-out menus
  • Brochures for local attractions
  • Suggestions on parks, trails to hike, beaches to go to
  • Gyms near bye
  • Salons/spa location and info
  • List of emergency numbers, including where the nearest hospital is located
  • Grocery store location
  • Favorite restaurants and bars
  • Nearest bike/car rental

Leave A few Empty pages so guest can leave comments and feedback!



10. Show Your Pictures Accurately

Don’t be like the tinder date who shows up 2 feet shorter and bald headed, resembling nothing close to their profile picture. Display your Airbnb accurately. Doesn’t matter if you are just renting out a room for Airbnb, people want to know what their getting into. Number one way to have your rating go down is if your pictures misleads people.

The more the better with pictures! I find myself renting from places with the most pictures so I know exactly what to expect and don’t run into any surprises.


11. Use A Key Lock

If you don’t want to or are unable to physically be at your home for check in I suggest using a key lock. Most key locks can attach right to your door knob and offers an easy way to leave keys for your guests to enter. There are many different types of key locks out there and some of them are easy enough to change the code from your phone, thus allowing different codes for each guest.



12. Price Low

People use Airbnb for its low price compared to hotels. While you may want to price it high right away, it is suggested by Airbnb renters to stay lower. Staying lower will attract more people and will give you the opportunity to have you place rented out longer. Having your place rented out longer will allow you to make more money vs having a high price and renting it out for only a few days a month.

After you establish a good rating with many reviews, you can up the price a bit but it will still pay off for you to always mark it a little bit lower then your competitors around your area.


13. Have Extra Outlets

Between peoples laptops, cell phones and Ipads outlets are as valuable as gold. Don’t make your guests choose what they can charge and have extra extension cords around. Great places to keep them are in the living room, bedroom and kitchen.


14. Have A Parking Spot / Parking Cones

This one might seem odd but from someone who stays in Airbnb’s more than her own bed, trust me on this one. For those guests traveling in their own vehicle parking is one of the first things looked at. It is important to either have a private spot or street parking available for your guests. Nothing deters me away more from booking than when a host says “You should be able to find parking”.

Parking cones can be used to block off spots for your guest an hour or so before they arrive. Legally you might want to check your area for parking restrictions and use of cones, but this trick has been used in a handful of states I’ve stayed in. Parking cones are a bonus for guests because they can use the cones to save their spot if they are just running up the road to grab some groceries and are coming right back.

Parking cones are good to use if you pay for a street parking spot and people tend to park in it anyways. Instead of going through the hassle of getting them towed, just put your little cones out. Sounds funny, but it works like a charm.

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