The Best Adult Backpacks – The New Purse?

Question: are backpacks the new purse? Answer: Yes

Totes, purses, 2-in-1 convertible bags whatever you want to call them are being replaced with backpacks. They are practical, comfortable to wear, and can even take the place of briefcases in the city.

Now more than ever, women and men are looking into backpacks of all kinds. Unlike the Jansport ones you had growing up backpacks nowadays are fashionable and luxurious. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself below, and check out my top picks for popular adult backpacks.


Best Adult Backpack Purses At A Quick Glance

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The technical term for all of these glorious bags is Backpack Purse because they are made as if a backpack and a purse had a baby. The size and material represent both and the outcome is practical and stylish; wear them all year round because they fit into every season.

Frye Women’s Olivia Backpack Purse

Best Leather Backpack

Colors: Much like the other backpacks, this Frye women’s backpack comes in a wide range of colors including black, brown, and tan.

Special Feature: This has a drawstring to close the top of the bag and a flap that shuts over that which stays closed with a magnet.

Carrying Options: This is pretty much specifically meant to be worn as a backpack.

Adjustable Straps: These straps are made to be adjustable, and you can adjust them by a metal buckle towards the bottom of the bag.

Reviews Have Said:

  • The overall quality of this bag is very rich.
  • Bought this bag in two colors, only trick to this bag is to not overly pull the drawstring in or the flap magnet can pop up a bit.
  • This backpack appears small on the outside but it has plenty of room on the inside.
  • Frye is always my go-to bag brand, and much like the other, this one doesn’t disappoint.

Casual Adult Backpack Purse S-Zone

Best Budget Backpack Purse

Colors: This comes in both brown and black.

Material: Oil waxed skin over tan vegetable leather. The backpack purse is waterproof and scratch-proof.

Pockets: It has a large pocket on the outside that stays closed with a sleek magnet and multiple pockets on the inside so you can stay organized and aren’t just throwing your things into one large empty compartment.

Carrying Options: This bag can be worn by the sleek straps or carried like a purse.

Reviews Have Said:

  • This is big enough to fit my planner, iPad, computer, wallet, phone, and so much more.
  • I am a teacher and I love that this purse allows me the ability to keep my hands free to wrangle in my students when they go wandering off or help them with things when they ask for it.
  • One of my favorite purchases ever! I online shop a ton and this is by far one of the best things I’ve ever gotten.
  • I love that this bag can work when I travel but also works when I’m at home meeting girlfriends for brunch.

Casual Dieyung – On The Go Bag

black and golf back pack

Best Vintage Backpack Bag

Colors: Available in 5 different colors

Material: Made out of high-quality PU leather material.

Lining: Inside lining is a non-staining material that is spill-proof.

Compartments: There are over 10 different compartments for you to store things in a neat and organized way. I love that the zipper on the front is vertical and not horizontal like so many bags these days are.

Reviews have said:

  • This adult backpack purse is great for women in their 20s all the way through to women in their 80s. It fits every stage of life and I have one for myself, my daughter and my 73-year-old mother.
  • I love that this has a vintage look to it so it can last me into the future years. Current trends go out of style but vintage pieces are here to stay.
  • I love traveling with this because it can hold my camera along with all the other essentials I would usually carry in my purse. Having so many pockets allows me to grab things I need quickly without digging through things I don’t need at the moment.

Rebecca Minkoff Women’s Julian Backpack

white purse

Best For Matching Your Entire Wardrobe

Color: This is like a pearl grey color that matches literally everything in one’s wardrobe, and because the material is nonporous it won’t stain or fade easily.

Material: Leather that has a padded texture.

Style: Rebecca Minkoff is my spirit animal and provides designs that are edgy, fashion-forward and trendy. It’s like a girly rock n roll, alternative combo while still having a touch of girly in it.

Reviews Have Said:

  • This is my go-to bag from work, to dinner and then out to concerts. No one wants to carry a purse at a concert and they don’t want to hold the T-shirt they just bought either. This bag solves both those problems.
  • Love the overall design of this bag!
  • Could the color be any more perfect?! I don’t like mixing my blacks and browns so this solves that issue for me.

Kipling Women’s Alvy 2-in-1 Convertible Tote Bag Backpack

black purse

This women’s convertible tote backpack comes in a few different colors, and they can all be found here.

Best Interchangeable Backpack

Colors: Available in four different colors.

Inside Lining: Made from polyester which means anything that spills inside it can be easily cleaned up.

Carrying Options: Carry this as a pickaback, crossbody bag, or as a handbag.

Pockets: there are multiple pockets found all around the bag! Front pockets, side pockets, and inside pockets.

Reviews Have Said:

  • The square shape of this bag is pretty and practical.
  • I use this as my purse at night and as a gym bag during the day!
  • Kipling women’s tote comes with a cute little monkey, which is its signature extra item.
  • Backback straps on this are wide enough to be comfortable while I carry my laptop and paper to work. Any commuter in New York will understand the importance of this.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Domo Biker Purse Backpack

pink purse

Best Bag To Keep Clean

Colors: Available in six different colors!

Carrying Options: The straps on this Marc Jacobs Domo Biker backpack are padded, similar to the old school backpack you used as a kid.

Special Features: This is a spot clean type of product which means anything that spills is sure to roll off, and if something by chance does get absorbed into the fabric than you can just clean the soiled area.

Zippers: A special feature about this backpack purse is it has a double zipper front pocket which makes it stand out from the others.

Reviews Have Said:

  • Being a shorter girl means you need to try before you buy with everything from clothes to accessories to purses. I have tried other designer backpack bags and they have all looked like actual backpacks on me. This is the only one to truly look like a fashionable backpack purse.
  • This is an authentic, and awesome bag.
  • This has everything you may need and more.
  • Absolutely amazing quality, all the girls at work are jealous.

Calvin Klein Belfast Nylon Key Item Backpack

designer bag

Best Designer Backpack

Color: This backpack comes in 12 different patterns and colors.

Inside Lining: The inside lining is polyester, and is textile.

Carrying Options: This is meant to be worn solely as a backpack but doesn’t have one small strap you can use to carry it with for a small amount of time.

Pockets: This bag is sleek and simple. It only has 3 total pockets: 1 large main compartment and 2 small side ones.

Reviews Have Said:

  • I have back issues and I learned that the perfect purse is actually an evenly distributed, smaller sized backpack much like this one.
  • Whenever I have a day outing this is the perfect sized purse to use. It isn’t too big or too small.
  • Love wearing this purse when I shop because it leaves my hands free to browse and doesn’t get in the way of people searching behind me.
  • A truly stunning and beautiful backpack.

Lole Women’s Lily Tote Backpack Bag

This tote bag is available in different variations of black and yellow.

Best Adult Backpack For Carrying Laptops

Inside Lining: There is a specific spot inside the bag for a laptop, a separate spot for your cell phone, and an additional spot for your yoga mat.

Carrying Options: You can wear this as a backpack or carry it from its handle straps.

Extras: This tote comes with a shoe bag and a separate cosmetic bag.

Reviews Have Said:

  • One of my favorite things about this bag is the side compartment that I can carry my water bottle in.
  • Great bag if you have to travel for work!
  • I bought this for my wife as an anniversary gift and she has used it every single day for the last year.
  • I originally got this bag as a gift at a charity event and had to leave a review about how much I love it.
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