Fun Things To Do In Milwaukee For Couples – Summer Lovin

There is something special in the air when the warm wheater rolls off the lakefront and surrounds the city we call home, Milwaukee. The warm, bright sun seems to melt the cobwebs out of our brains and instantly brightens spirits; promoting people to get out and socialize more. Feelings of love seem to be amplified during the summer months, and it can be rejuvenating.

Perhaps you are an old love looking for new things to do, or maybe you have just dipped your toes into the dating pond; either way, you are looking to get out and explore with your +1. Couples who have been confined inside their homes have a chance to finally enjoy each other’s company by doing things besides Netflix and chill.

For inspiring ideas on what to do with your boo, keep on scrolling. Summer loving, your about to have some fun!

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Kayaking The River

I am going to start this list off with one of my personal favorites and something I suggest to everyone: kayaking! Kayaking the river gives you a different view of the city you have never seen before. It is much different than a boat because of how close you are to the water. It brings a little bit of nature into the concrete jungle, making it a genuinely unique experience all around.

Kayaking allows your date to be as intimate or as casual as you want. Tandem kayaks can be great to get close to your partner, and single kayaks can give you a little more independence while still being playful with one another.

A bunch of the bars and restaurants have public piers that you can tie up your kayak to, allowing you to stop for a drink and food. You could essentially make your own little bar crawl on the river giving you two activities in one. While there are boats that go through the river it is never crazy busy, making it ideal any time of day.

Suggested Rental Company: Milwaukee Kayak Company

You can use your own kayak, or I suggest renting from Milwaukee Kayak Company. I have used other companies around Milwaukee and they just don’t compare. MKC is hands down the best. You can rent the kayaks to use freely or sign up for one of their guided tours. Rent them for up to 4 hours, or if you like to go longer they can work something out with you!

They provide you with EVERYTHING you need to have a successful kayak – ropes to tie up to the dock, waterproof bags, life jackets, and legit kayaks. I have made multiple trips with them and have never had an appointment mess up and have even just walked up the day of and got a spot on the river. They are all about working with the customers to give them the best time as possible and it is really some old school, Wisconsin customer service that you don’t seem to get too much nowadays. Their kindness to their customers really goes a long way.

They are open seven days a week and have two locations:

Main Location

318 SOUTH Water Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204
* located in a boatyard called Jerry’s Docks

Hours: Monday: 12/noon-7:30pm
Tuesday-Friday: 10am-7:30pm
Saturday-Sunday: 9am-7:30pm

Schlitz Park 

1555 N. RiverCenter Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53212
* located in the Schlitz Park parking lot between the Cherry and Pleasant Street bridge
* walk-up traffic only (day-of in-person reservations available)

Hours: Friday: 10am-7pm
Saturday: 10am-7pm
Sunday: 10am-7pm

(414) 301-2240
[email protected]

This can be a great activity to do as a double date or with multiple couples! 

Writers note: I truly believe this company was the pioneers for why so many water sports/activities started taking notice of the Milwaukee River and all it has to offer. Sure, there were always the big boat cruises but Milwaukee Kayak Company is the OG water company that decided to give people the change to explore the water on their own.  Because of them, so many more water things are now available such as the water pedal taverns, orange bumper boats, and so much more.

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Brewery Tour

Yes, we live in Wisconsin so it’s a no brainer that a brewery tour should be on your list! Even if you don’t like beer, it is a unique experience to go and learn about brewing. I am not the most prominent beer connoisseur, but my significant other is, so I went for him.

After walking through the tour, it shed new light onto the drink I used to call piss water. Learning about the history, the process, and ingredients that all go into making beer, I found myself craving to try some. Once you see how something is made and why it is made a certain way, you gain more respect for it.

Brewery tours are always a good go-to for couples because you are experiencing something new together (and with a group full of people, ironically) and they typically involve corny jokes that make everyone laugh!

With so many breweries around Milwaukee, you have your pick of the crop. I suggest a few of the following!

Lakefront Brewery Tour 

Lakefront Brewery offers a few different tours:

  • Week-day tour (Mon – Thurs) $9
  • Standard tour = $11
  • Mini Saturday tours $8
  • Technical tours for $40 (90 min)

Hours: Typically tours from 11 AM to 8 PM.

Includes Souvenir pint glass, Four 6oz pours of beer and a beer coupon.

Tickets: Book online or they do have 15 walk-up tickets per tour.

Beer coupons are dated and can be used at a large number of establishments that you will see listed on the coupon itself. Note: All tours before 4 PM receive our Day Coupon redeemable before 6 PM. Tours from 4 PM on will receive our night coupon redeemable before 10 PM.

Lakefront Brewery has a bomb outside patio right on the river, and they also offer some of the best pub food in the area; I highly suggest the cheese curds. Outdoor and Indoor seating is available but if you can grab a spot outside!

Location: 872 N Commerce St, Milwaukee, WI 53212 – (414) 372-8800

Miller Brewery Tour

 Tour includes:

  • Souvenir Glass
  • Free Beer

Price: $10 or Free admission for 0-20 years old.


4251 W State St
Milwaukee, WI 53208
Miller Valley
(414) 931-2337


Summer hours of operation (Memorial Day through Labor Day ) CST

Sunday 10:00 am – 4:30 pm (NO TOURS — BEER GARDEN HOURS ONLY)
Monday-Wednesday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday-Saturday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm


This brewery tour takes you on a tour inside and outside and typically run 30 min. They accept walk-in ticket purchases and pre-paid ticket reservations via phone at 414-931-BEER (dial 0 for customer service.)  Tour reservations will be available for pre-booking up to one month in advance.

They have a cute little outside area that you can spend some time chatting and sipping some of Milwaukee’s finest!

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Miller Park

Nothing says love like baseball! Miller Park is home to the Milwaukee Brewers, and there are so many ways to enjoy a baseball game thanks to our great city. The stadium offers you a front-row seat to the baseball game, and provides a wide variety of food and drink options! Pop on over to TGIF to get an outfield view of the game or walk around and try all the different vendors.

The stadium does a great job at fan interaction throughout the game, making downtown between innings enjoyable. It can be an excellent experience for couples to play all the games on the big screen, like what hat is the ball under and bet on who will win the sausage race. Loser pays for dinner, am I right?


Pack a cooler, two chairs, snacks, drinks and you’re are all set for a baseball picnic. Miller Park is one of the few places that allow tailgating, and it is such a great thing to take advantage of. It can be exceptional people watching and provides time for a couple just to sit back and catch up on conversation. If you get ancy, you can walk around and meet new friends or join in on some tailgating games. The best thing about a Sconnie tailgate is people are friendly, and they always welcome newbies.


If packing for a tailgate picnic sounds like to much work, you are still in luck! Milwaukee offers a wide number of shuttles from various restaurants around the city. This can be a great option if you don’t want to drive and pay for parking.

Most shuttles offer a ticket that includes a ride to and from the stadium, along with some extras like free drinks. Some restaurants give you a free shuttle ticket when you purchase a drink at their establishment, which is a convenient option as well. You were going to pre-game anyways, might as well pay for your shuttle ticket doing so.

Most shuttles leave from places that are a party in itself. Most of them have patios with games, fire pits, and drink specials. If you don’t want to pay for stadium food prices, then grab a bit before you hop on the shuttle.

Here is a picture of the shuttle and their drop off/pick up locations.

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Milwaukee is a unique city that offers a wide variety of golf courses for a wide range of golf levels. One of the best things about our city is it has more parks and green space than most cities of our size. There isn’t just one massive park in the heart of the town, but it has numerous parks and greenery around the city.

Milwaukeeans have the chance to play a full par five golf course, pitch-n-putt, or mini-golf without ever having to leave the city. You don’t need to be tiger woods to enjoy all that golf has to offer. It can be a creative sport for couples to dive into together and can be a nice change of pace from the regular activities you have been doing. Golf requires couples to partake in teamwork, patience, honesty, respect, and communication.

It is a scientific fact that couples who are jointly participating in an exciting physical challenge, activity, or sports report feeling more satisfied with their relationships and more in love with their partner.

Lake Park Golf Course 

Lake Park Golf Course is a pitch-n-put course that has 18 hoes all under 85 yards. This makes it ideal for beginners but also those who need to work on their iron or putting game.

Every time I golf there I have been been able to just walk right up and get on the green. They don’t take tee times and it is a first come first serve type of course. They also offer hole in one reconnection which is great for some hardcore bragging rights!


18 Holes 18 Holes
M-Su $9 $7
Replay $4 $3
Pull Cart $2.25 $2.25
Club Rental $1.50 $1.50
Bag Rental $1.50 $1.50


  • Snack Bar
  • Club rental available
  • Pull cart rental
  • Self pay if a worker is not present

Course Info

3233 E. Kenwood Blvd.
Milwaukee, WI 53211
(414) 961-3206

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Milwaukee Public Market 

Every big city has a public market, but none is quite like the Milwaukee Public Market. It is like its own little world within a city that focuses on enhances flavors from around Wisconsin. Fine meats, cheese, and wine are just a few of the offerings the public market has to offer. It is more than just a bunch of restaurants its a gathering place and a whole experience.

It is a place bursting with unique, high-quality selections of artisan ethnic products; that are freshly-made prepared foods, with a wide variety of shopping all owned by independent merchants. Inside you can find shops that sell:

  • Candy
  • Clothing
  • Wine
  • Bakery
  • Cheese
  • Coffee
  • Spices
  • Seafood

And pretty much any other type of food in-between that you could ever possibly think of. They offer pairings for every diet including vegans, vegetarians, carnivores, and even keto diets.

Vendors include: Benelux Grand Cafe and Market, The Draft Patio, St. Paul Fish Company, Thief Wine Shop & Bar, Foltz Family Market/ Commission Row Produce, The Green Kitchen, C. Adam’s Bakery, Thai-namite, Kehr’s Candies, Margarita Paradise Mexican Restaurant, The Soup & Stock Market, On The Bus, Oro Di Oliva, The Spice House/ The Culinary Toolbox, Aladdin – Taste of The East / PitaWorks, Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co., West Allis Cheese & Sausage Shoppe, Brew City Brand Apparel.

Grab a bite to eat and you can also shop around for ingredients to make a bomb at-home dinner for later.

Cooking Classes

Many Milwaukeeans might not know but the Milwaukee Public Market offers a wide range of cooking classes that change monthly. They range in price from free to about the highest being around $70 but most sit around $30.


Besides restaurants and shops, you can also find bathrooms located upstairs. The whole building has outside patios surrounding it and they offer parking discounts for the market consumers.

Location & Hours

10 am – 8pm
8am – 8pm
9am – 6pm


400 N. Water Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202


Suggested MKE Public Market Activity

My significant other and I like to play a game where we split up for ten minutes to go and pick out each other’s meals. We meet at a central location like outside on a table or upstairs in their cafeteria and exchange the meal we picked out for the other. We are big foodies, so it gives us the rush to pick out the other person’s meal, and it’s just as fun to see what was picked out for yourself! If I’m really not in the mood for a specific spot, I will let him know ahead of time because no one wants a Hangry Megan walking around because I got the one meal I didn’t want.

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Potawtomi Hotel & Casino 

I feel like people either visit Potto monthly or haven’t gone in years. Potawatomi has really gone above and beyond remodeling and adding onto their casino. While it offers your standard gambling games, it also offers so much more! Nothing says romance like dobbing some Bingo together in hopes of winning that Jackpot.

New Hotel

Take advantage of a staycation and book a night in their newly added Hotel. Sometimes it can be hard to get time away from the real world to travel and plan a full vacation; so having a five-star hotel in your backyard can be the night away from home you need to recharge and rekindle the spark within your relationship. Stay in a guest room or amp it up and stay in one of their suites. They range in price at around $110 and offer discounts for AAA members and AARP. Be on the lookout for special promotions and discount codes.


Potto has some of the best luxury restaurants in the city! They offer your vegas type buffets, which has the best all you can eat crab leg deal Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-9 pm that is only $35 for card members and $41 for non-card members.







The food options include, but is not limited to:

  • Steak
  • Seafood
  • Sushi
  • Italian
  • BBQ
  • Comfort food- Burgers, Pizza, Fries
  • Buffets
  • Drink Specials

Another hidden treasure inside the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino is its wide range of entertainment. You can see bands, solo acts, comedians, and even magicians.

Tickets can be purchased through ticket master, and you can check out their site to check out who will be in town.


If you want just to come here to check out their gambling options, you might be interested to know what they all offer here. Below is a list of all gambling you can expect to find within the casino:

  • Bingo (18+)
  • Off Track Betting
  • Poker
  • Slots
  • Table Games

They offer both a smoking and non-smoking area in the casino!

With so many options in one location, you can make your next date night as casual or as special as you want!

Hours – Location 

1721 West Canal Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233

Hours for ceratin activities will vary but the casino itself is 24 hours! For more information on Bingo times, shows, etc please visit their site! 

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McKinley Park + Veteran Park


I’ve traveled to a lot of parks in a lot of cities, and these two parks are side by side and cover some pretty massive ground. They run parallel to the lakefront and offer a wide range of activities for any couple. There are plenty of spots carved out along the lakefront with beaches, benches, and even sand. Pack a picnic and go to the shoreline with your boo for a skyline backdrop and wave soundtrack to romanticize your date.

If you are in the mood for a date packed with activity, there is an entire trail that curves throughout the lakefront that works as a great bike or running path. These parks offer their very own activities and festivals. This is a prime spot to watch the fireworks that are let off by SummerFest.

Fly A Kite

Kites are often flown in Veterans Park thanks to the gentle breeze that comes off the lake! If you don’t have your own kite, you can purchase one in the giant brown building that always has, not surprisingly, kites flying outside it. The building is called Gift of Wings, and they offer cheap and more professional kites. They offer gifts and other aviation products that can be a cute keepsake for you to take home.

GIft if wings also has a great festival lineup that includes kite festivals and there is always something neat to check out during the summer months.


The amount of rentals these parks have to offer is fabulous. Rentals provide a chance for you to have a cute date day without having to worry about any logistics. Rent a bike to ride on the trails or rent water products and enjoy the small lakes found within the park.

Bike Rentals & Swan Boat:

  • Surrey – Hourly rate $27 – 3 people, 2 pedal
  • Double Surrey – Hourly rate $37 – 6 people, 4 pedal (double or triple date idea)
  • Tripple Surrey – Hourly rate $50 – 9 people, 6 pedal (multiple dates)
  • Deuce Coupe – Hourly rate $27 – 2 person
  • Quad Sport – Hourly rate $13 – 1 person
  • Cruiser Bike – Hourly rate $13, Half day $28, Full day $40
  • Mountain Bike – Hourly rate $14 hour, $30 Half day, Full day $42
  • Tandem Bike – Hourly rate $25, Half day $40, Full day $50
  • Swan Boat – Hourly rate $11

You can additionally rent a kayak, double kayak, stand up paddleboard, and canoe to enjoy the water or rent some skates to cruise through the paths.

McKinley Park

Hours & Location 

1750 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive Milwaukee, WI 53202 Unit Office: (414) 273-5224


Overlook Rental (414) 273-5224 Special Events (414) 257-4503 Parks Information (414) 257-PARK (7275)




Veterans Park

Hours & Location 

1010 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive Milwaukee, WI 53202 Unit Office: (414) 277-0851


Special Event Permits (414) 257-4503 Parks Information (414) 257-PARK (7275) or





Both parks have ample space and can be great to bring any type of yard game you want such as bags, ladder golf or frisbee. There are many benches and tables but I would suggest bringing your own chair or blanket so you can go into whichever spot you want and be secluded from other people. I always pack some wine, cheese and date cards to have a one on one game night with my main squeeze.

If you are in a pinch and are going on a last-minute date there are tons of fun games on Pinterest made specifically for couples and I suggest looking them up there. Sometimes its fun to look up bachelor and bachelorette games to play back and forth. A few simple question games can be fun similar to the ones below! Either ask the questions out loud or go old school and take time to write the answers down on paper and then go through them one by one.

Even if you’re already married and played all of these games, they can be fun to redo and see if you and your partner remember the answers or if they have changed. It can also be fun to play if you’re not married to size up just how close you are to your lover!

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Boating the River & The Lake Front

Living in a city built around rivers and lakefront means water activities are a prominent feature in and around the town. You can make it more of a social date and do group boating activities, or make it more intimate and rent your own.

Edleweiss Milwaukee River Cruiseline 

This company is THE boating company as far as I’m concerned in Milwaukee. They offer pontoon rentals, as well as themed cruises.


Pontoon rentals fro from Memorial Day to October 19. You are allowed to bring your own food and beverage, or you can stop and dock up at any of the establishments along the river.

Prices are:

  • Monday – Thursday

    2 hours – $110  |  4 hours – $180  |  8 hours – $250

  • Friday – Sunday

    2 hours – $150  |  4 hours – $240  |  8 hours – $350

You can stay on the river or go onto the lakefront. Bring up to 10 people or go solo for a more romantic boating experience.

If you want more fun and social date I suggest checking out one of their themed cruises! This allows you to have someone drive the boat for you and you don’t have to worry about driving, docking, and rules of the water. Themes include:

  • Champagne Brunch Cruise – $49.95 – 3-course brunch – 2 hrs
  • City Skyline Cruise – $19.00 – cash bar – 1 hr 30 min
  • Friday Classic Dinner Cruise – $70.00 – cash bar – 3 course dinner – 2 hrs
  • Friday Margarita Fiesta Cruise – $28.00 – free taco buffet & margaritas with cash bar – 1 hr 30 min
  • Historic Narrated Boat Tour – $19.95 – cash bar – 1 hr 20 min
  • Late Night Party Cruise – $26 – 2 free miller lites & cash bar – 1 hr 30 min 10:30 pm – 12 AM
  • Saturday Beer and Brat Cruise – $30local Milwaukee microbrews, and Usinger brats, cash bar – 1 hr 30 min
  • Saturday Dinner Cruise – $75 – 3 course dinner – 2 hrs
  • Saturday Margarita Fiesta Cruise – $30 – free margaritas and taco buffet, cash bar – 1 hr 30 min
  • Sports Cruise Featuring Steve – Join Steve Czaban aboard Edelweiss II for appetizers and a cash bar.

Each of these has its own hours and prices! You can click on the link here to reserve times!

Rent A Private Yacht / Sailboat

No, you don’t need to be rich AF to rent a yacht or sailboat. Milwaukee is the actual home of an international port serving ocean vessels and is additionally a foreign trade zone. People from all around the midwest use the port to dock their personal boats; this includes sailboats and yachts. Their docking is your gift because many of them choose to rent out charters to the fellow Milwaukeeans.

My favorite charter boat is Sea Dog Sailing, which departs from Milwaukee’s lakefront at the McKinley Marina (Dock G, Slip 62) during our season from early May through late September.


Price & Time 

  • 90 minute Day Sails: $49 per adult, $39 for kids & seniors.
  • 90 minute Sunset Cruises: $55 per adult, $45 kids & seniors.
  • Private sails (flat-rate): $175 per hour (2-hour minimum);
    $75 for each additional ½ hour.
  • Private excursions departing after sunset (flat rate):
    $200 per hour (2-hour minimum).
  • Call or text ahead for reservations – walk up service is an extremely rare circumstance.
  • Flexible scheduling available.
  • Gift certificates available at adult prices.

You can bring your own food and drink on the cruise, along with a blanket to get extra cozy. Depending on when you book you might be able to luck out and get the boat to yourself or only be with one other additional couple.

When I went with my main squeeze it was us and one other couple. We went on a sunset cruise and even though it was a bit cloudy it was such an enjoyable experience. Having another couple on board was awesome so we could get pictures of each other.


They offer a chance for you to sunbathe on the front on top of the deck or you can get your hands dirty and try out some sailing yourself! They offer a wide range of cruises including:

  • Afternoon getaways
  • Moonlight cruises
  • Sunset cruises
  • Group Charters
  • Extended Voyages
  • Off Shore Firework Viewing

This sailboat experience is truly a one of a kind, and everyone in Milwaukee is so fortunate we can enjoy an activity such as sailing, does it get any more romantic than that? Well actually it could, if you really want to romance it up then get upfront and reenact the scene from Titanic! You might not be the king of the world, but after the romantic date on the boat with your boo, you will be feeling like the king of love!

Call or text 414-687-3203 for reservations or more information.

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Build Your Own Bloody Mary Crawl

This will take a bit of planning and effort on your part, but it can be a super fun activity to do. Bloody Mary’s are a Wisconsin staple, and I don’t think any other city does it as well as Milwaukee.

Since the Bloody Mary’s typically come with tons of garnish, you don’t have to worry about stopping anywhere for food; you are eating and drinking at the same time. If you are a foodie and also love Bloody Mary’s, it can be a real treat to try a ton of different ones and compare them. I can guarantee you will have a bloody good time.

If you want to be efficient with your Bloody bar crawl, I suggest trying out places around the same district via walking and then uber to the next area. While there are so many excellent places to grab a bloody, if I were to do this (which I am planning on soon), I would go about it like the following route. If you get full fast as I do, I suggest getting one and splitting it with your lover. This way, you can sample more and not get full or drunk to fast.

I would start in the third ward because they have some heavy hitters within footsteps of each other.

  1. The Wicked Hop 

This place has a great bloody that has stood the test of time with its cheese straws. It has lots of seating indoors and outdoors.

After one of these, I would walk across the street to Cafe Benelux.

Location: 345 N Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Historic Third Ward




2. Cafe Benelux

This place has 7 different types of Bloody Mary’s! Yes, you read that correct, 7!

My personal favorite is, not shocking to anyone, The Milwaukeean.

They have a badass bar area, but they also have one of the best rooftop bars in the entire city of Milwaukee. It is simply beautiful and has tons of space.

Location: 346 N Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Now is the time I would call an uber and head to Old World 3rd street.


3. Brudd Cafe

Brudd Cafe offers 3 different types of Bloody Mary’s. They have multiple types of cheese and meats they put on top of their Bloody’s and offer a mango


1048 N. Old World Third St.
Milwaukee, WI 53203




4. AJ Bombers

Get your legs walking because you will have to go across the river for this bad boy. While they are known for their burgers, you can’t go wrong with one of their Bloody’s as well.

They offer 1 type of Bloody Mary but it comes with a secret mix that is pretty tasty.

Location: 1247 N Water Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Once again call an uber, we are going to Brady Street now!

5. Hi-Hat Garage 

The Body’s served for brunch are only $5!

Garage and Hit-Hat are technically two separate bars but are also connected. Don’t try to understand it, just go.

Location: 1701 North Arlington Pl
Milwaukee, WI

Get moving, we are going to the North now!




At this point, you could work your way to the eastside or you might need to go home for a power nap before you continue on! Be sure to drink TONS of water in-between your stops because the salt consumption is real and you should hydrate while you dehydrate.

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Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is taking sconnies back to their old lumberjack routes. The idea might seem funny, scary or even dumb to you, but it can be a real unique date idea. I mean, if all else fails and the date is going bad you have a really quick way to end it…kidding, kidding, kidding, I’m only kidding.

You might be asking if it’s safe? I am here to tell you that it is! Axe places follow all proper guidelines and they have staff that oversees all lanes! If you are acting like a jacka$$ instead of a lumberjack then they will kick you out faster than you can say “Paul Bunyan”.

Typically places give you about  60 minutes including orientation if you want to just walk in or if you reserve for a date night group than you can get 90 minutes with orientation.

My recommended place to try out is AXE MKE.

They require you to wear closed-toe shoes and prices are Reserved Axe Throwing is $25-$30 per person plus tax. Specifics are HERE. Walk-ins are $20 per person plus tax. Specifics are HERE.

They actually allow you to bring a person with you to put on the board to throw axes at, as long as the person is with you.

Walkins Price:

Friday and Saturday 60 min for $25

Any other day 60 min for $20

Axe throwing is a new activity to the area so odds are you haven’t had a chance to try this yet. Trying new activities with your significant other is proven to bring you closer and when your endorphins are running your affection towards one another will be heightened. Once you hit the bullseye, which post do, you will surely feel like a real bad axe.

Location : 924 E Kenilworth Pl
Milwaukee, WI 53202

East Side, Lower East Side

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