New Year New You

New Year New You, one of the most hated sayings in the world. And yet it’s so true. Humans are human after all and if they need a start of the new year to set their brain to listen to their heart, then so be it. I find that most of the time when people try to put down others new years resolutions it’s because they have no goals, ambition or drive themselves. So instead of working on them they try to put you down. Personally I let those people drive me to be better and accomplish the goal set in front of me. Prove them wrong, set bigger goals and post it in their face. Who knows, you might just turn them into resolution people.


The new year is a few days away! 2017 has been a bitch of a year to me and I’m ready to make 2018 my bitch!

A little bit of back story to help understand my goals for my future story for the new year.

I’ve always been a workout person and have tried eating healthy, but I have my set backs and cheat days. I tour with a band for months at a time. One of the best parts of touring for me is being able to be in major cities and experience all the restaurants. I’m not going to go to a 5 star restaurant with a million reviews and then proceed to order a pecan salad. Life is to short and I always lived by, eat the damn meal. On travels days however I could be getting a grilled chicken sandwich instead of the fries. On some of the days off I like to explore the city instead of just taking an hour to run.

¬† I’ve always heard of people doing sober January ( booze, not drugs… I don’t mess with that shizzz) and I myself have never done that but liked the idea. I don’t drink heavy weekly but I do like my wine and my cheese. Would a month off of absolutely no booze do me any good or would I feel the same? I’m not sure because I always end up drinking wine or going out for a night of decomposition. I live in Wisconsin and I love my dive bar where everybody knows my name.

2018 will be started off on the correct foot and on the no excuse train.

If any of you would like to take this journey with me, come on board!

Feel free to leave comments on posts or email for private support at: [email protected]

My plan is to set resolutions month by month, not necessarily for a full year. You don’t need to completely change everything about yourself for a full year to be a better you. Personally if I make a goal today it might not be the same goal I need to focus on 6 months from now. It might already be part of my daily routine or I might feel like something is more important to focus on.¬† Some months I want to focus on mental health vs physical health. Some months I want to focus on helping my family vs me. Some months I want to be more charitable vs online shopping. If you set too big of a goal often times you wont end up following through with it.


New Years Resolution For January

January is going to be all about physical health.

January Food and Drink Resolution:

As I said, I’m from Wisconsin. Cheese is literally in my blood stream and I think I would die if cheese were to be completely cut out of my diet. So my goal for January is to be vegetarian 6 out of 7 days. I’m being realistic and giving myself one cheat day a week to eat the meat. I really want to try vegan for a month, but baby steps.

2018 is the year I finally do sober January! It’s only one month, I get it should be easy but tell that to all the wine drinkers out there. This will be the biggest challenge for me out of the whole month.

Workout January resolution:

I am a huge runner, but once again, Wisconsin resident, so I’m not able to run outside year round. Because I help out taking care of my mom so much (read previous blog post) I don’t have time to make it to a gym. I rely on my workouts from my board on Pinterest to get me through the winter without gaining to much winter weight. I just got the T-25 by ShaunT and I am going to be following that for the whole month of January on top of circuit exercises. I did ShaunT’s Insanity and it made me super bulky so I’m hoping the time reduction and band training will make me more tone vs bulky. I also read its not so focused on upper body strength so I’m hoping I wont have any tickets to sell to the gun show this year.


If you want to do ShaunT T25 with me you can buy it here!




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