St. John’s Northwestern Golf Course Review – Delafield, Wisconsin

St. John’s Northwestern Golf Course is located in Delafield, Wisconsin. It is nestled back behind the St. Johns Academy; which is a private, college preparatory and leadership development school.

St. Johns golf course feels like you are in the middle of a golf island, but in actuality, it is down the road from many excellent boutiques, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. This can be great to check out before or after your round. Resturants range in fine dining, casual and quick stop and go type of places!



The Club House

The clubhouse and golf course is located down the road behind the academy; follow the signs because GPS will take you down the wrong way. I’m not sure why, but this is just about the cutest clubhouse I have ever seen! It is run out of an old home, and they haven’t changed much about the layout. Walking through the doors of the clubhouse feels like you are walking through someones personal home.

They have a section of used clubs and sometimes golf bags for purchase! I’m always shocked at the deals they have on them and if you have some extra time I suggest checking it out because you can truly find a gem of a club. Of course, they have your standard things for sale such as:

  • Soda
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Tee
  • Balls

They do not sell any beer or liquor here! It is an all-ages course and very family-friendly. Obviously, this means they don’t have a cart girl.


You can walk your bag, use a pushcart (for only $3) or rent a cart! When you want to use a pushcart, you pay for it the same time you pay for your round, and they will give you the correct connector piece you need to attach to the cart. Without this piece, you can’t use the pushcart. When you finish your round return the piece back to the clubhouse.

There is a men’s and women’s bathroom down and around the back of the clubhouse. You will need to use steps to get down to them, but there is a railing for you to hold onto. There is an additional port-o-potty located on the course.

A large section of picnic tables are located under a roof outside by a little courtyard, so if it rains you have a shelter, you can hide under to wait out rain, etc. If you choose to do an outing here you can use the area as a gathering place.

Note: There is no driving range or practice putting green here.

Course Layout

St. John’s golf course has one of the smoothest layouts. All the holes end directly beside the next tee box, and if you forget to grab a scorecard, you will be just fine in finding the next hole!

You will notice this golf course has a ton of straight holes which makes it great for pulling out new clubs to practice with. This is a course where you go to try out new clubs or work on form, and don’t view it as a course to worry about your score. There is an L shaped hole and a short hole that switches up the gameplay.


The Holes

This is a nine-hole course, but they do allow you to play 18. There are no water hazards, but there are plenty of trees and a few sand bunkers. The tree lines aren’t to thick so if you do hook it into the trees odds are you will find your ball! St. John’s golf course is a very forgiving course overall. Sliced your ball on hole one? No worries, odds are you will find it on hole eight or nine.

It is a pretty flat course all around, but the greens are a bit tricky. They seem to deceive you with the way they hook, and the hills of the greens have just enough slope to trick your puts.


As of September 1, 2010, the Storm Family now owns this course. They are the owners and operators of Brookfield Hills Golf Course, and Storm’s Driving Ranges in Brookfield and Oconomowoc. The Storm Family has been in the golf business since 1952 when the late Leon Storm opened his first driving range and miniature golf on Bluemound Road in Brookfield.

Greens are kept in top-notch condition and look beautiful. Bathrooms are from decades ago, but they are kept nice and smell clean. You can feel the history of the place when you walk into the bathrooms.

Pushcarts and golf carts are clean and kept in great condition. There is a basket on the pushcart and a clip for your scorecard.


Greens Fees – *Senior: 62 and over. Junior: 17 and under.
Weekday Rates                    Standard                   Seniors & Juniors*
9 holes-walking                 $12.25                        $10.75
9 holes-riding                    $19.50                        $18.00Weekend Rates
9 holes-walking                 $13.25                        $11.75
9 holes-riding                    $20.50                        $19.00Kids 10 and under: $7.00 walking    $10.00 riding with an adult (mandatory)
Riding carts $7.25 + Pushcarts $3.00

Season Pass

A Season Pass allows you unlimited golf any day of the week at one low full season price.
Seniors are those over age 62. Juniors are 17 and under.
No refunds or discounts. Tax included. Cash or check only.Single Adult $ 570           Single Senior    $ 520
Adult Couple $ 860         Senior Couple    $ 780
Outing Information
Call the pro shop at 262-646-7151 to book your small or large get together with us!

Course Information

St. John’s Northwestern Golf Course
1101 Genesee Street
Delafield, WI 53018


Final Thoughts

This short nine-hole golf course is excellent for any type of play you may want. Use it as a practice round or bring some friends and bet some money on the best score! Sometimes the easier course can get into your head because you have to certainly tone down your swings and focus on hitting it accurately and not just swinging to the moon. The greens are kept in magnificent condition, the scenery is beautiful, and the people perform at a friendly rate of play.



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