Top 5 Places To Eat Brunch In Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is no stranger to the brunch game, and I feel super fortunate to live in a city with so many brunch options.

If you are visiting Milwaukee or just moved here, you will want to check out these brunch spots.

Just about every restaurant around the area offers some brunch, but a few places stand above the rest.

Take it from a local; these are by far the best brunch spots in Milwaukee!


Uncle Wolfies

UNCLE WOLFIE'S BREAKFAST TAVERN, Milwaukee - Restaurant Reviews, Photos &  Phone Number - Tripadvisor

Important Update as of 1/4/22

All customer MUST show their Vax card and be masked at all times.

Uncle Wolfies is a hidden brunch spot, and I think that mostly has to do with the fact that it’s in a location off the beaten path compared to the popular sectors of Milwaukee, such as the east side of the third ward.

It is located over on Brewer Hill and has slowly become more popular over the past few years. This is thanks to more and more businesses slowly migrating over that way.

Uncle Wolfies is a warm, family-owned spot featuring breakfast, lunch, coffee & cocktails, plus a curated retail space.

You can taste the quality of the ingredients here, and it tastes like you are getting a super bougie meal for a super not bougie price.

Currently, they are open for patio dining & takeout Wednesday-Sunday 9–3 pm. I highly suggest you order ahead of time to avoid waiting for too long. I have gone two times recently, and the wait was 45 min to an hour for your food to be out and ready. Since they takeout style only, waiting to order or doing so ahead of time makes no difference.

They have bomb brunch cocktails, so if you like to enjoy your liquids before you eat, don’t worry about ordering ahead of time. They have an incredible bloody mary mix (served with all the proper fixings, of course), and that alone is worth the drive out that way.

If you’re not in a rush, I suggest ordering a few adult beverages when you put your food order in; if you have a fur baby go ahead and bring them with you! Their patio is very dog-friendly, and you will usually see a few lounging around.

Update: After over 20 months of being closed, they had a grand re-opening. You will now be able to eat inside and shop again in their in-store shop. Their current hours are Friday-Monday 8-3.

Food Suggestions

Everything I have gotten from here is fantastic, but there are a few options that I go to time and time again.

Beltch: their take on the classic breakfast sandwich. Bacon, egg, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar, and sambal aioli on sourdough with your choice of a potato aside.

My finance is a sucker for their breakfast burrito or their wolfundido (two words – house chorizo).

I love that they offer other lunch-type options and have a kid’s menu.

They offer gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.

The View

As I mentioned above, there aren’t many restaurants over on Brewers Hill, and it is, in fact, mostly housing.

This means that Uncle Wolfies has one of the rarest spots to see the city from an angle you won’t get from anywhere else. I like to call it the backside or the side side of the town.

Current Dining

They are takeout or to-go only so, unfortunately, you can’t see the inside of the restaurant, which is one of the cutest interiors of a restaurant. Perhaps by the time you are reading this, they will be open inside, but as for now, it’s a sit outside only type of thing.

Restaurant Info

Address: 234 E Vine St, Milwaukee, WI 53212

Phone: 414-763-3021

Hours: Patio Dining and Takeout: Wednesday-Sunday 9–3 pm

Merriment Social

Photo of Merriment Social - Milwaukee, WI, United States. Breakfast Sausage Dumplings
Breakfast Sausage Dumplings

You walk into this place, and it just screams brunch Funday. The vibe washes over you like a wave at Noah’s Ark after the alarm goes off, and you instantly know you would rather be here than anywhere else. If you didn’t get that reference, you must be out-of-towner.

First, let’s start with the good stuff; they offer bottomless $25 mimosas! But, of course, it is per person, so if you come with a big group, don’t think you’ll be paying any less, you cheap ass.

If you are a newbie and don’t know if that’s a good deal, let me break it down for you. First, to truly get your money’s worth, you need to drink a minimum of 4 mimosas; otherwise, you’re better off just paying for them individually since they are only $8 a pop.

If you aren’t a mimosa fan, I highly suggest their bloody marys, and while you’re at it, upgrade to one of their infused vodkas. I personally always go for the jalapeno-infused one.

Food Recommendations

Photo of Merriment Social - Milwaukee, WI, United States. Baked Spicy Ranch Cheese Curds
Their Cheese Curds

You HAVE to get the baked clock shadow cheese curds. Don’t roll your eyes at me and assume it’s another person from Wisconsin suggesting another cheese curd to try out.

These cheese curds aren’t “technically” cheese curds at all; instead, it’s like a Frankenstein curd. It’s brought out in a mini dutch oven, and it’s one big thing of melted cheese topped with breadcrumbs, pickled peppers, spicy ranch, and served with a side of french bread. It’s truly an app that I haven’t seen anywhere else, and it is a must-try.

The breakfast potstickers are also a definite must-try. Merimont is known for their potstickers, and they genuinely have a cult following around the area with the locals. Much as the description on the menu indicates, each breakfast potsticker is made with breakfast sausage and served with maple syrup. Even if you aren’t typically someone who likes sweet and savory foods (I relate), you are going to love these.

The breakfast burrito here is more of an American type of breakfast burrito, which can be a nice switch up compared to those typically offered at brunch spots.

The biscuits and gravy are another fan favorite, and I also suggest that for a starter if you want to try something else for your main. For only $11, you really can’t go wrong.

Ideal For Large Groups

Courtesy Of Their Website

If you are looking for a place that can comfortably fit a large group, this is going to be your best bet!

This place is huge inside, and it can comfortably fit large groups and small groups as well.

If you are an eat-at-the-bar type of person, you are also going to be in luck because, as you can see in this picture, they have an enormous one.

If you are coming in for brunch during the warm season, I suggest checking out their patio. For being in the city, they do a super good job at keeping it enclosed and making it feel very cozy.

Restaurant Info

Per their website: Merriment Social is a gathering place that focuses on serving high-quality seasonal cuisine, boasts an impeccable beverage selection, and strives to deliver hospitality that consistently exceeds guest expectations. As much as the restaurant reflects its partners, we also want to emphasize that it is equally an extension of our community, employees, suppliers, and personalities. Collectively, we want to build a business that will be an institution in Milwaukee for years to come, and we are thrilled to have you on board for this exciting journey! 

Address: 240 E Pittsburgh Ave

Phone: 414-645-0240

Hours: Brunch is served till 3


Photo of Toast - Milwaukee, WI, United States. Chicken and waffle.

If you are looking for the best family-friendly brunch spot with fabulous food, Toast is the place to go.

They offer breakfast, lunch, and brunch anytime so people can get their brunch fixed during the week.

Each breakfast dish comes with a choice of a potato, the sweet options come with a choice of meat, and some dishes come with potatoes and toast.

The whole atmosphere is very groovy, and it will take you back to the 70s.

They put their spin on breakfast classics, and they do a great job standing out from other restaurants around the area.

Smaller Space

The building itself is a bit on the smaller side, so I highly suggest you make a reservation, or you will be waiting for quite some time.

They have a patio during the warm months, and you can also eat at their bar.

Mimosa Flights

Yes, you are reading that correctly; they offer mimosa flights here.

Bellinis And Mimosas – Here’s the rundown.

Toast’s three-step program to get your day started right!


Psychedelic Apple – Mixed Berry – Honey Grape Fruit – Cranberry – Blood Orange


Cava Sparkling Wine or Prosecco


Glass $8.00 or pick a Flight of four for $28.00

I honestly prefer their flight option over bottomless mimosas because it will be about the same price (unless you are someone who for sure will drink more than four mimosas), and it gives you the option to try different flavors.

Food Recommendations

Photo of Toast - Milwaukee, WI, United States. Mini donuts
Toast Mini Donuts

Their menu is quite extensive, and they have a wide variety of just about everything.

To start, I highly suggest you get the mini donuts for the table. They remind me of the be benights you get in New Orleans, and they are airy enough not to fill you up before your main meal comes out.

They have tons of different benedicts, burritos, waffles, french toast, omelets, and more!

You will also find many versions of Hispanic flavor with entrees like HUEVOS RANCHEROS, PUERCO CHILE VERDE, SMOTHERED CHORIZO FRIES, BARBACOA SOPES, and more.

I am a sucker for anything in relation to benedicts, but I am also a big fan of all of their omelet options.

If you are a vegetarian, you will be pleased to see they offer a large variety of options for you to eat. If you are vegan, it is also straightforward to subtract a few things to make stuff options.

Restaurant Info

LOCATIOn: 231 South 2nd StreetMilwaukee, WI53204

HOURS: MON, THUR, FRI8:00 AM – 2:00 PMSUN, SAT8:00 AM – 4:00 PMTUES, WEDClosed

Phone: 414-539-4179

Black Sheep

Matt Haas Photography :

Black Sheep is hands down where you will have the most fun out of all the options. Of course, all the spots are fun, but this one has something a little extra special to it.

The first time I had brunch here was quite recently, and it was so out of the box, unlike any other Milwaukee place I have been to, that it felt like I was in a different city entirely.

They take it back to the old school with their music, and they have bubbles that top of the restaurant’s ambiance. Think Y2K Brittney Spears, N’Sync, and all the other great gems.

The space has seating outside and inside, with gorgeous views of the third ward. If you want to eat inside

Food Recommendations

This place has tons of options for meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans alike! So if you see something you like but it has meat, be aware they can customize it to fit your dietary needs.

As any good stand-out restaurant, Black Sheep puts their spin on Brunch classics.

While you can’t go wrong with anything you pick here, I do have a few favorites that seem to mimic regular picks.

Black Sheep MKE (@BlackSheepMKE) / Twitter

You can’t go wrong with the PANCAKE BATTERED CHEESE CURDS (VEG)  -Clock Shadow Creamery White Cheddar Cheese Curds Battered In Pancake Batter, Served With Maple Syrup, Powdered Sugar. It’s a flavor smash of savory and sweet.

The BRUNCH POUTINE  – Crispy Breakfast Potatoes, Country Sausage Gravy, White Cheddar Cheese Curds, Fried Eggs, Chives is the only type of dish for brunch in the area. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of poutine, I suggest trying theirs because it is out of this world.

The RISOTTO MADAME {*VEG*}{GF}  – creamy Arborio Rice, Pulled Country Ham, Hooks Cheddar, Gruyere Cheese, Pickled Mustard Seed, Sunny Eggs, Hollandaise, Fresh Herbs. Such a unique take on what I like to think of as eggs benedict.

Restaurant Info

In August 2013, a turn-of-the-century building on South 2nd Street, originally the Schupert-Zoeller Printing Company, became Black Sheep. They kept the exposed brick walls, the original wood floors, and the soaring beadboard ceiling. They added original artwork, a big metal-top bar, and eclectic modern interiors. Developed and fully restored by KPH Construction, Black Sheep joins a growing list of places proud of our Milwaukee roots.

Location: 216 S 2nd St, Milwaukee, WI 53204

Hours: Weekend brunch 10 am – 3 pm

Sweet Dinner

Restaurant Review: Sweet Diner Could Be One Sweet Retreat

Unlike the other establishments, Sweetdinner gives off a more professional, boujee, and upscale vibe without being snobby.

It is one of the newer restaurants in the Milwaukee area, and its decor is best described as minimal meets earth.

The number of tables available inside is quite shocking, and you can pretty much always get a reservation or walk-in.

I could even get a day of reservation for Mother’s day and didn’t have to wait long. They let you put your name in, and you can start to walk, drive, or uber over closer to your reservation time.

They only offer a few seats outside, so this wouldn’t be your best option if you are coming for a big group and want to sit outside.

Options Galore

As far as food recommendations go, I don’t know which way to steer you because they have a million different things for savory and sweet brunch peeps.

If I were to offer you my go-to picks, they would be:

Courtesy Of Their Website

They have solid bloody marys, and honestly, all of their breakfast drinks are sure to kick start any brunch.

When people are in town, I love bringing them here because I know super picky people will love it since there is something for everyone. Besides the popular brunch categories, they have many options under their salad, sandwich, and toast categories.


If you want to impress people with a place that screams class, this is it.

It makes for a perfect backdrop to capture a group photo or to impress your cousin, who is an inspiring influencer.

They are first-come, first-serve, but you can put your name on the waiting list ahead of time and arrive close to the estimated seating time.

I have done this a few times and sat as soon as we get there. They were super spot on with their time estimates.

Restaurant Info

Location: 239 East Chicago Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202

You can also order online!

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