Trendy Hair Accessories For Girls – Day To Night Hair Flair


Two words: Hair Flair. Every girl sees it, but not every girl knows where to get the pieces or how to wear it! No worries, with so much stuff on the internet and in stores it can be a bit overwhelming. Lucky for you, you have me to show you the ropes. Let me show you the fun hair flair and how to wear it!




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My Favorite Hair Accessories At A Glance:

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Pearl Hair Clips & Pearl Pin Mixed Set 

Pearls are a classic staple in fashion dating back to the Aubrey Hepburn days. They can be classy, sassy, and fun.

I love this clip set because they are a mix of clips, barrettes, and pins. They come in different shapes, sizes, and a variety of pearl widths.

You can mix and matching any of the pieces in this set to have a bold look or pair skinny ones together for a more elegant, simplistic look.

I have tried these, and with my thick hair, they stay all day! I didn’t have to keep readjusting them, and they weren’t falling out all over the ground, because that is the worst thing in the world.

To achieve this look simply curl your hair and brush it out, or wear your hair all-natural. Using a curling iron wand and mixing up the barrel sizes will give you that chic boho look.

Natural hair is in right now which is great for all the lazy girls out there like me. Part your hair down the middle or to the side. Don’t comb the hair straight down to your head on the side the clips are going because you still want movement under wherever the clips are going to be pinned on top of. Layer 3 or more up and off you are!

My suggested product for this style would be the Kenra Hair Texturizing Spray; it works like a hair spray and a texture spray to keep movement in your hair all day long. You don’t need touchups with this product.

Reviewers Of This Clip Pack Have Said:

  • I love these clips /especially for the price! Exceptional addition to any wardrobe.
  • Jumped Pearl Clip bandwagon-Such a great value for the price-styled the pieces in so many ways- receive tons of compliments.
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Acrylic Resin Hair Barrettes Set

Sets are always better than individual pieces; more color, more size, and more all-around options.

This set comes in 5 different colors that can be fit into any wardrobe. Each color comes in both a square or rounded tip, making it perfect for the latest trends.

Clips have a nonslip teeth design that makes them perfect for staying put in your hair!

Each clip is structured the same so you can mix the different colors or patterns to make a stand out hairstyle.

To achieve this look take the front sides of hair by your face and pin them back. Note: you don’t need to gather the top/crown/back hair in the back with the side pieces. Laying the side pieces in the band will keep that hair down/back, and it will leave the band less bulky. Additionally, if your hair is super thick use a hair tie to secure the front strands back and then put the clip over the hair tie; use a skinny hair rubberband and not a thick band or the clip will sit atop your hair too much.

To get a wavy look either curl your hair or sleep with your hair in damp braids and take the hair out in the morning. My favorite product to achieve this windblown curly pattern is the Beachwaver Pro Curling Iron because it gives the best beach wave look and is easy AF to use.

My suggest product for this hairstyle would be the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Finishing Spray. This will keep your wavy, beach blown style intact without having any unwanted frizz poking out. 

Reviewers Of This Barrette Set Have Said:

  • Love the clips! Super cute/pretty.
  • Super adorable, precisely like pictures, and they threw in a couple of freebies!
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Gold Bobby Pins

If you are more of a simple kind of girl and love the classic style than you are going to love gold bobby pins. They can be worn in multiple ways and can be more exposed or more hidden, depending on how you style your hair.

Gold bobby pins stand out in any hair color and are a classic staple hair accessory that can be worn to work, to the gym or out for a happy hour with the girls.

Bobby Pins can be layered to make fun shapes and designs in hair no matter if it is worn down or hair that is worn up.

These ones are professional grade and will hold up in ANY hair! If you want longer ones than you might want to check these ones out here! 

To achieve this look you are going to want to use some type of smoothing product or smoothing serum at the end, and possibly at the beginning.

This is more of a romantic style that is overall uniform and cohesively put together. Use a bigger curling iron, my favorite is the 1 inch, and let the curls sit for 30 min before you comb them out with your fingers. Finish with a shine spray to get that high gloss and high definition or a smoothing product of your choice.

My suggested product for this hairstyle is first going to be the Kenra Shine Spray because it comes out of a bottle you can mist on over the style! Another favorite of mine to use is the Rusk Shine Serum that you can use before you even curl your hair that works as a smoothing serum and a heat protectant.

If you want to incorporate gold bobby pins into hair that is in a bun or ponytail simply arrange them into whatever pattern you want! You can do straight lines, shapes, patterns or even make a bobby pin crown! There is no such thing as too much when it comes to hair accessories!

Reviewers Of These Gold Bobby Pins Have Said:

  • honestly the BEST bobby pins ever used. I first encountered them getting my hair professionally done. I didn’t know the brand, I just knew they there was a remarkable difference between those and the regular old ones I was accustomed to using from the drug or grocery store.
  • My hairdresser used these for my wedding- incredibly impressed by how strong they were – By the time we came back from the honeymoon, the 15 I had dwindled to two so I did some digging to figure out the brand. I was quite happy to find these, and they’ve been great.
  • They feel sturdy and never twist/ turn like others- slide in and out but stay put perfectly.
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Letter Hair Clips 

Letter hair clips might be a bit more out there for a few of you reading this but remember the old saying “Don’t knock it till you try it.”

Women are never too old to try new style trends and don’t ever ask yourself if you are too old for something. If you dig the style, then go for it and ignore what the beauty magazine says in the checkout line.

Letter hair clips can be worn by women of any age if you do it in the correct way. Obviously, you don’t want to wear I find these to be worn best with ponytails! Clip it a little bit off-center or clip it under the pony or bun as a peek-a-boo accessory.


To achieve this look I suggest putting your hair into a french braid from the top of your head to the bottom. Once your hair is braided pinch small sections out throughout the style to give yourself a windblown, messy look.

If you have a car a little trick I do is roll all the windows down to give my hair a real windblown look. It takes only a few miles and boom, you literally just had wind do your hair for you. Such a simple, but effective trick.


To achieve this look simply do a slick ponytail and place the letter bobby pins anywhere around your head.


If you want to do the letter pins on the backside of your head either do a ponytail or a messy bun.

My suggested product for this hairstyle is going to be a generous amount of shine serum. My favorite is going to be a thicker serum that can give your hair an almost wet look such as GKhair Serum Hair Smoothing Oil. 


Reviews Of Letter Clips Have Said:

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Shape Hair Pin + Clip+ Barrette Set 

A mixed set of pins, clips, and barrettes can be a fun thing to pair all together and make a real stand out, accent hairstyle. This can be excellent for those who prefer a more bold and standout look.

If you are afraid of feeling uncomfortable with so many different accessories in your hair at once, then I suggest trying to wear them to a friends house first. This way you can feel more comfortable and get an overall sense of how so many pieces in your hair will feel. Remember at the end of the day life is too short to wear boring hair!

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Final Thoughts

While hair clips may be a new thing for you to venture into, you shouldn’t be scared by them. They are an easy hair additive that can be placed into any hairstyle you choose. There isn’t any extra work or steps you need to do in order to wear these clips.

If you find you are having a hard time with any of them staying in, then I suggest you use some double-sided tape and apply a bit of pre-wrap to the bottom of the clip.

Don’t be afraid to try out new fashion styles! Just because something is different doesn’t mean it won’t look good on you.




The great thing about these hair accessories is that they can play off of what you are wearing. Pair them with your work clothes or your dress for a wine and cheese night.

Perfect For Weddings

If you have a wedding coming up these can work great in place of a vail or crown. Perhaps you have been debating over how your bridesmaids can pop out and be different from other weddings? Look no further because you have your answer…flair in their hair! Get a pack and have them pick out their favorite piece to add to their updo. With bridesmaids having the exact same matching dresses it can be nice to have them wear one individual piece that is just for them.

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