PARWIN PRO 5 in 1 Professional Curling Iron and Wand Set Review

Curling Iron sets are one of my favorite things I urge my friends and family to splurge on! Yes, they may be up front a bit more than a single curling iron, but it can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run because you are getting so many curling iron heads in one package!

One of my favorites is the Parwin Pro 5! It comes with five interchangeable curling iron rods that can be removed and replaced, along with a curling Iron glove and a travel box. Read my detailed review below to find out more!

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What is included in the Pawrin Pro 5 wand set?

As I told you above, this set comes with 5 different interchangeable want heads that come in sizes of:

  • 32 mm
  • 25 mm
  • 18 mm
  • 19 mm
  • 9 mm

Two of the heads (32 mm and 25 mm) come with the classic clamp you only need one hand for and the other ones come in the freestyle want. A freestyle wand has no clip. Those who are unfamiliar with the freestyle wand might find this youtube intro video helpful!

Instructions: You pretty much just use two hands, one holds the base and one wraps the hair around the wand. When you are first using these it is smart to use the heat glove (one is included with this package) so you don’t burn your fingers. Once you get used to it, you don’t need the glove! Its a small learning curve and even kids can do it!  The two styling clips that come with can be helpful in parting and sectioning your hair.

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Special Features

With 5 different sizes and barrels, you can really get a wide range of curls. Use multiple heads to get five different looks, and use a few heads at once to work with your hair shape and length.

Each barrel heats up in 60 seconds saving you on your energy bill and making the overall styling time much faster. Lots of things happening with the number 60 here; the tool has an automatic 60 minute shut off function. I find this especially helpful because I sometimes forget if I have turned my heat tools off and have turned around as far as 20 minutes already from home to make sure its off! Not burning my house down because of a stupid curling iron.

The swivel power cord allows for more confident curling of your hair and provides a smooth functionality overall. Cord measures in at 8 feet which makes it great for tall people and even better for shorties like me who are 5 feet 2 inches tall.

Even if you aren’t one who travels for work, this traveling bag is super convenient. I use mine in my bathroom to keep all the pieces together and it provides for easy storage. It is also super convenient when I go on vacation because I know I have everything in one easy, durable case. I don’t have to worry about it getting ruined from the butthead airplane people who throw the checked suitcases around like a bag of potatoes.

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Professional Quality

There is a difference in professional quality and home quality heating tools. Professional tools are made for licensed cosmetologist; like myself, who are trained in properly using heat tools and home ones typically don’t get as hot. Being able to use a professional tool like this one really changes the hair game. It allows your hair to hold a style longer and won’t go flat on you by lunchtime.

Heat on this tool ranges from 170°F and 430°F. 

Remember: because it is a tool that heats up more than the standard home tool, you are without a doubt going to want to use a heat protecting spray or serum. If you don’t you are going to damage your hair and fry it.

I suggest Moroccanoil Perfect Defense because it is specifically made for curling irons that get up to at least 450-degree heat. It will protect your hair before you curl it, hold the style and also add shine. Use this spray on damp hair before you blow dry it; putting it on dry hair will leave it looking greasy.

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Warnings + Things To Watch Out For

Listen, I get it…drinking a nice glass of wine and getting ready for a night out pairs together better than most things in life. While I support the pre-game drinks getting ready drinks, it can be a hazardous thing. And here is why…


You want to make sure you are holding your hair around the wand for no more than 6 seconds or you are going to ruin your hair. A little bit of time goes a long way here ma chicas, and you are going to want to be aware of how long you are holding that strand. If you have thick or stubborn hair you can up the time, but I suggest holding off on ramping up the heat.

No Cool Tip 

The ends of these wands DO NOT have a cool tip, which can be helpful in holding the wand and the ends of your hair. For this reason, I either suggest you use the heating glove or leave the ends out until the last second or two. Your ends are typically the most damaged and don’t need to be held onto the want itself for as long as the rest of the hair to curl.

Temperature Control 

Depending on the exact model, some do not have a temperature gauge, but simply an on and off switch. As a professional myself, this is useful to use when doing clients hair quickly and effectively. Because it gets up so hot it is once again careful for how long you hold your hair around the want. You only need to hold hair a few seconds around such a hot heat.

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Peep here at the one hair accessory girls use to grow their hair out! The results will shock you.  

Helpful Products

If you are looking for more products that may be helpful to use with this curling iron I suggest the following:

  • Kenra Heat Block Spray – can be used on dry hair and works as a heat protectant and hairspray to hold the style.
  • ORIBE Dry Texture Spray – this bad boy works as a texturizing spray and also is a dry shampoo that absorbs oil. Adds volume and texture that can be used before or after you curl your hair.

Final Thoughts

This is a real standout product that includes everything you need to properly style your hair. While this doesn’t have an adjustable temperature gauge it works great at giving you curls that can last not only hours: but days. If you use the proper hair products and watch the time your hair is around the wand you should have any issues.

If you already have really bad, over-processed hair, I don’t suggest this tool for you. I honestly wouldn’t suggest any hot tool in general. What you need to be looking for instead is some deep conditioning treatments and a local salon so you can get your dead ends trimmed off!


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