WiibooxSweetin 3D Desktop Edible Food Printer Review

Okay, this is the future of food, I’m calling it now. Not only do people love a good party, but they love good food at parties. When you have a device that allows you to customize your guest’s food, its hard not to look into it. Who says fancy themed food can only be eaten at weddings?

Even if you aren’t in the market for one, take a peek at the edible food chocolate printer and you may be clicking the checkout button before you’re even done reading this post. Exceptional for commercial and professional bakers!

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What is the WiiboxSweetin Food 3D Printer?

Well, I’m glad you asked this first! This is not an article from the future, this is real life people, it is here and it is happening. This product is exactly what it sounds like, a 3D printer that uses food as the ink and can print anything you wish!

What type of food can be used with the printer?

While chocolate might be the first thing that comes to mind, there is actually a long list of ingredients that can be used as the “ink” including:

  • Dark chocolate
  • White chocolate
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Fruit jam
  • Biscuits
  • White bean paste
  • Cream candy
  • White purple mud
  • Meat

The ingredient used for the printing is going to depend on the object you are trying to make. Things such as temperature, speed, and layer height are all things that should be taken into consideration.

How does it work?

The reason why this product works so well is due to the act that it has an auto leveling system. This means that the first thing that is printed out is the foundation of the product and is level before more layers are added on.

Why is this important?

Having a good foundation is the key to having a successful 3D product. When you have a device that does the leveling for you that means there is less room for human error.

Real-Time Control

The nozzle itself has real-time control which means that it can print and monitor food quality at the same time. This function allows the food to be edible and taste the same throughout. No one wants to bite into something that is half hard and half soft becuase the nozzle didn’t have the proper temperature from start to finish. Its bad for business, bad for your ego and bad for your customer’s tummy (even if those customers are just your kids).

It is best to look at the package of what you are making and following the instructions. For instance, most chocolate packages will come with an optimal melting temperature and you will want to plug that into the device so your design turns out properly.

Print Your Own Designs

Options are endless with this bad boy and you can load any 3D files into the machine and poof print it off! You can control your designs with the touch screen located on the product and it comes with software that allows you to make your designs on.

This machine does come with preloaded designs if you don’t want to try to figure out the modeling software.

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What format is required for the food printer? 

STL and G-CODE which means an STL will need to be modified for size and G-CODE will be printed out in default size.

Is this compatible with third-party slicers?

Yes, it works with Cura after configuring files to fit the nozzle size.

Are there special requirements for the food? 

No, play around with different food texture and type.

Do premade designs get updated continually?

Yes! Each printer comes with its own serial number that can be typed into their website for access to new codes and updates.

What are the dimensions of this product?

7.56*14.96*16.54 inch with a weight of 26 pounds. Nozzle Diameter measures in at 0.6mm/0.84mm.

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Professional Bakers + Cooks

This machine is exceptional for professional bakers and cooks. Get rid of unnecessary prep time and use this bad boy instead! Making small art to accompany a dish is both time-consuming and overwhelming. If you are a cook you don’t’ have time to bake and if you’re a bake you don’t have time to shape little details out of sugar, you have bigger cakes to bake! This will save time, money, effort and will give you a product that comes out 100% of the time meaning its more reliable.

Professional bakers and cooks know food better than anyone else and can really have some fun playing with this machine. You can take your dish from good to great and really get those 5-star reviews!

At Home Foodies

You don’t need to own a food business to enjoy this machine! If you are a parent this is a no brainer as to the endless options you can make for your kids. If they are picky eaters then making them some pancakes shaped like astronauts might just be the thing they need to actually eat.

If you are a big theme party type of person, then you are going to like this more than a trip to Party City or Jo-Ann Fabric. Match your whole appetizer table to your theme now with the push of a button. Going to a professional cost you time and lots of money, I mean is $300 worth of sunglass cookies really worth it? Not when you can make those same cookies for half the price at home.

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