Easy Movie Character Costumes Female – DIY Halloween Costumes

Pumpkin spice season is in full swing, so you know that that means. Halloween parties are right around the corner and this means costumes. As mean girls perfectly put it ” It’s the one time of year you can dress slutty and not be called a slut”. While I am all for confident women wearing barley nothing, I also support the more artsy halloween costumes. I myself have always leaned more towards the creative DIY costumes. With so many empowering women roles this year, it’s the perfect year to dress as a movie character!

Scroll on down for my tips n tricks for the perfect movie character costume for females in 2018!

1. Tanya Harding

Women everywhere are giving Margot Robbie a big thank you for making ice skating costumes a thing to wear this halloween year! Whats better than a costume with glitter, sequins and tule! What’s great about this costume is you most likely have about 50% of the items needed.

Tanya Harding DIY Costume Items:

  • Ice Skating Outfit (if you somehow happen to own one)
  • Alternative to Ice Skating Outfit-Gymnastics Leo + Tutu
  • Scrunchy
  • Blue Eye shadow
  • Sequin/ Jewel tights
  • Roller blades
  • Small rollers (to do your hair in that signature tanya harding do)

Hairstyle Tip: If you really want to go above an beyond you can order some clip on bangs to feather in the front! Use the small roller over night and pick them out in the morning. Style in a half-up and half-down sort of hairstyle. Use some paste to pull through the curls just a tiny bit, but leave some of it frizzy like you would see it in the 80’s.

If you are going out use roller blades but keep a back up pair of flip-flops in your purse in case you have to change.

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2. Edna Mode

This would be such a fun one! Falls hot pattern is color blocking making the pattern easily accessible at the moment. For those of you who don’t know who Edna Mode is she is an animated character from Incredibles. If you’re a mom you get double benefits from this costume. Wear it trick-or-treating with your kids before you go out to your halloween party at night.

Edna Mode DIY Costume Items:

Hairstyle Tip:  Cheap wigs can be found online, with the link here or in stores such as party city. With an outfit like this you should really go for it. If you are stubborn and won’t wear a wig, then just straighten your hair and flip the ends under.

A great bonus with this outfit is you don’t really need to wear a ton of make-up if any at all!


3. Elle Woods

Bend, and snap! Elle woods is one of the classic go to for women’s Halloween costumes! You most likely already have most of the items you need for this costume, and if you don’t your nearest thrift store will. Elle Woods is perfect for those who want to wear a more flirty Halloween costume.

Elle Woods DIY Costume Items:  

  • Pink dress
  • Pink sunglasses 
  • Silver heart necklace
  • Books
  • Pink heals
  • Fake little brown dog
  • Blonde wig

Hairstyle Tip: If you don’t want to purchase a blond curly wig I suggest curling your hair in tight curls and leaving it all down.

4. IT

If you want to do more of a scary halloween costume, IT is the one for you! IT aka pennywise has always been known as a classic halloween crepper, and with the remake of the movie this costume is a for sure hit. Take some time and really get into the face make-up part of the costume. It will take you from 3rd place to that 1st place prize!

IT DIY Costume Items:

  • White gloves
  • White renaissance dress or white high neck top with a white tule/tutu skirt
  • White tights – Put rips/holes in them and pour some fake blood on them
  • Red balls to attach tot he front (craft balls can be found at fabric stores)
  • Face paint – white and red
  • Orange wig  
  • Red Ballons
  • Black gothic boots

Hairstyle Tip: If you don’t want to purchase a wig I would suggest doing some type of pigtails. Nothing screams Halloween costume like  pigtails and it is the one day of the year any one over the age of 15 can wear them without being judged.  

5.Emily Nelson

For those of you who are unfamiliar Emily Nelson is played by Blake Lively in the new move, A Simple Favor. Besides being a kick ass movie with female leads, this movie has some fire fashion! Emily Nelson has a wardrobe every girl would die for and is beyond chiq.  Do yourself a favor and go check this movie out to get inspired for this seasons top halloween costume.

Emily Nelson DIY Costume Items:

  • Black pant suit
  • Black hat
  • Black umbrella
  • White high button neck blouse
  • Black Heals
  • Optional: White bow tie or a tie – handkerchief for your blazer pocket
  • Black costume ring
  • Long blonde wig

This is going to be my Halloween costume this year! What’s great about this is anything you buy for it can be worn again any day of the week to work or for date night. Pantsuits for women are chic and while you might not already own one, you are going to want to. Nothing says boss bitch like a woman in a pantsuit!

Hairstyle Tip: If you don’t want to purchase a wig just simply do your hair in beach curls.

I would pair some Uncommon James jewelry with this outfit because it is chic and minimalist.

6. Mary Poppins

I never really realized when I was younger how fashionable Mary Poppins was. When your go back and really look at her wardrobe she looked fire. Much like the other outfits we have gone over, you most likely already own the majority of this costume. Come to think of it when you look at the Emily Nelson costume it is quite similar to Mary Poppins.

Mary Poppins DIY Costume Items:

For the umbrella to be true to Mary Poppins try to look for one with a curved handle.

Hairstyle Tip: To complete this outfit pin your hair in a low bun and wear some stand out red lipstick. If you can’t find a hat with flowers buy a black one, pick up some flowers from the dollar store and glue them on!

7. Jellyfish

Yes, I realize this isn’t the iconic women’s costume you might be after, but you can’t say this wouldn’t be a fun one. I don’t know about you but I have never see this costume at any Halloween party or bar. A jellyfish costume is great for any age and can be done classy or a little classless.

Jellyfish DIY Costume Items:

  • White/sheer umbrella
  • White tule fabric or white streamers
  • White dress
  • Metallic tights or leggins
  • White shoes
  • Silver sparkles for your eyes

I suggest either sewing or getting fabric glue to apply the fabric onto the umbrella. Using hot glue on an umbrella will most likely melt it and you’ll be shit out of luck.

Hairstyle Tip: This costume allows you to do whatever you want with your hair! Personally I would do some braids and curls for this costume. Look up some youtube videos and attempt to do a waterfall braid.



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