CHI Air Spin N Curl Review By A Professional

Take it from someone who has their cosmetology license, anytime CHI comes out with a new product it’s taken for a spin by everyone. They are one of the top names in the game and for a good reason. Their products and tools stand the test of time and typically deliver on what they promise.

When they first came out with an unconventional curing iron I was a bit skeptical. I’ve seen off brands that looked and worked the same, but with comical results. I wasn’t sure it was a concept that could actually work.

Keep on reading to find out of CHI lived up to its promise of perfect curls at the ease of a button!

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What is the CHI Air Spin N Curl?

Before you can benefit from a product you should probably know what it is. CHI Air Spin N Curl is essientally what it sounds like. It is a device you put a strand of hair into, referred to as the curl chamber, that is heated and blows around your hair to create a curl. Think of it like a hot tornado funnel. 

Do you remember that water bottle challenge where people were blow drying their hair to create curls? Essentially it is like that but for grown ass women who recycle their water bottles like normal humans.

How is the CHI Air Spin N Curl Different From A Regular Curling Iron?

Here is the genius of the Air Spin. Because your hair is curled via hot air and not a hot tool, it actually saves the integrity of your hair. Not having a hot tool touching your hair shaft directly saves it from heat damage and breakage. 

The infrared heat uses negative ions that helps leave the hair shiny and healthy. Another benefit of not having anything physical touch the hair besides air means each strand won’t frizz or static out.

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Special Features

The diameter of each curl is approximately 1 inch in diameter. This means you can have tight curls, or when brushed out the appearance of loose curls.

Adjustable Timer & Temperature 

A timer is featured on the product which allows perfect curls each time your hair strand enters the barrel. You can adjust the timer to match the time your hair needs for curling. Additionally, you can also adjust the temperature for the hair type you have.

Temperature suggestions include:

  • Low 370°F for Fine Hair
  • Medium 390°F for Medium Hair
  • High 410°F for Coarse Hair

Being able to adjust the time and temperature will benefit your total styling time, and cut in down significantly. Most people curl their hair at a temperature that is way to hot for their hair type. Using a tool that is hotter than it needs to be can not only damage hair but it can make or hair color fade.

When your curl is set you will hear 4 beeps and you are good to take the curl out. All you have to do is slide the tool forward and your curl will gently float out. 

Directional Buttons 

Directional buttons allow you to have the curl go forward or backward which is beneficial when you want to have lots of movement. If you have your curls go all the same way they typically chunk together and you look like a little girl. Having a directional button also helps when you want to curl the front of each hair away from your face.

Tangle Protection 

A standout feature of this tool is its tangle protection. If your hair for some reason gets tangled fear not! This device isn’t going to eat your hair and force you to cut it out. When a hair strand gets tangled the device can sense it and will automatically stop, continue beeping and show reset on the device.sAll you have to do is take a bit of the stand out at a time and it’ll come out easily. 

I compare the process of when your hair gets tangled in your hair tie if you tie it too tight. You try to take the hair tie out and you have to do it strand by strand, the same thing goes here. However, it is not a common occurrence so it isn’t something to really worry about.


Easy for any arm to use weighing in at under 2 lbs, 1.7 for you assholes who are picky and want to know the exact weight. Yeah, I’m talking to you Linda who was just about to google “exact weight of the CHI Spin N Curl”.

Because it is so lightweight it makes it easy to pack for a day trip or for long periods of travel. Fits in a big purse, carry on or suitcase!

Size and weight make it comfortable for those to use who typically don’t know how to style their hair. The product does the work for you which means you don’t have to hold the curling iron at a certain angle or wind it a certain way; the tool does all the tricky configurations for you.

Having a lightweight product that LITERALLY curls the hair for you is the lazy person dream. You, for the most part, use one hand which allows your other hand to be free for putting on makeup or drinking a glass of rose.

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How Do You  Use The Chi Hair N Spin Curler?

It takes basically two steps to use this product! It so simple even the most hair challenged can do it! I suggest starting out with some type of heat protectant texture spray. As we went over the heat doesn’t physically touch your hair strand but still surrounds it, so it doesn’t hurt to put a protectant on it.

Step 1: Section hair into workable sizes. Some people like to do top and bottom, I like to do more sections to get more volume. If I’m in a hurry I will actually start at the top, pin-up as I go with my hair sectioning clips and then come back and just refresh the top layer.

Step 2: Hold the device vertically with the digital face plant facing forward and take 1-inch pieces at a time. Doing more will take longer for the curl to develop and doing less will take more time.

Step 3: Insert the hair into the chamber at a 90-degree angle closer to the root. You will want to thread it through the middle section of the chamber and the sides.

Step 4: Press the arrow button in the direction you want the hair to curl and hold it. Once hair is fully in the chamber it will automatically stop and beep 4 times when it is complete.

If you are OCD with matching your brands together here are CHI top products I suggest using with this tool. 

  • CHI Silk Infusion: run through your hair before you curl. Works great as a leave-in conditioning treatment and as a thermal protectant.
  • CHI Firm Hold Hair Spray: use this between each section and spray a bit while the curl is cooling and setting.
  • CHI Texture Spray: use after your hair is cool and set. Pull hair out and spray to add volume and movement. After you use this spray take your fingers or a brush and run through the curls to relax them and give them a natural look.

If you are like me and are more of a visual learner then here is a helpful video!

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The Downside

Not everything in life is perfect, not even Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling…I’m sure one of them chews loud or snores at night. The CHI Spin N Curl is also not going to be perfect for everyone and here is why.


While their are many upsides to the size and weight of this device the downside is if you have shorter hair, this isn’t going to be ideal for you. Because the hair needs to be a certain length to reach the inside of the chamber this won’t be great for people who have very short hair.


1-inch sections are going to be ideal for most people but if you have long and very thick, coarse hair then this may be a bit time consuming for you. On the same token, you are probably used to a longer styling time, so this may be no biggie for you. It will be a bigger deal if you are someone just getting into styling your hair.

Not Great For Natural Ring Tight Curls 

If you’re one of those with natural ring tight curls you might not want to use this product. Because your curl structure is so wound up using this is only going to make your curls frizzy and droopy. You can straighten your hair and then go back with this to achieve a loose curl pattern, the decision will depend on how long you want to work on your hair.

Curl Pattern 

For those who like the classic curl pattern with a uniform look will love this CHI product! If you are one who likes to have a more unique curl pattern where a curl might be looser on top and tighter on the bottom then you won’t like this. Because the chamber is one size your curl is going to be uniform throughout and each curl is going to be identical to one another. Ultimately this curl style will come down to personal preference.

Sometimes a style calls for curls to be looser and tighter throughout the strand itself and therefore, this chamber won’t be a product you want to use.

An example of curl patterns that are uneven throughout the strand is pictured here. As you can see wrapping the hair around a heated tool like a wand will give you the different movement that this chamber won’t give.

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Final Thoughts

Great product for fast, quick curls. It is lightweight and has a small learning curve which anyone can master. Once you master this tool you can have an out the door style in under 10 minutes! You don’t have to think much with this tool because the tool itself does all the work for you.

For those who want beachy waves or that natural curl look will want to use some product to comb and loosen the original curls out. If you are having trouble with the product refer to the videos I have posted or youtube your own!



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