The Best Products For Curly Hair – Cosmetologist Approved


Best Products For Curly Hair At A Glance

It is finally the time where women everywhere are embracing their natural self, and this includes rocking the hair you were born with. Curls and waves are a bit trickier to wash and air dry so products are an absolute must to fight the frizz.

Pretty, bouncy curls are directly linked to the products you use; girls with curls should always remember to keep hair hydrated so it can look and feel healthy. Stop trying to straighten those beautiful curls and embrace them!

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COLOR WOW Moisture Mist 

Award: Best Moisture Mist For Curls

How To Use It: Apply to towel-dried hair, and spray it section by section. Finish by air drying or using a diffuser on a blow dryer. Good to use after every shampoo.

Benefits: Gives curls and waves weightless moisture all while adding shine.

Reviews Have Said:

  • This product does everything it was supposed to do.
  • Non-sticky and doesn’t dry out my curls.
  • I have thick but incredibly fine curls and this works great at defining them without weighing them down to my head.
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Curly Magic Curl Stimulator

Award: Best Curl Stimulator

How To Use It: Apply to wet hair section by section and comb product through with your fingers.

Special Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Aqueous-Infused Extracts of Marshmallow, Chamomile, Nettle & Horsetail, Vitamin E, Agave Nectar Extract

Reviews Have Said:

  • Using the product has allowed me to wear my curls for a few days in a row.
  • I live in weather that is hot and dry so this is perfect for me to keep my hair strands quenched.
  • You can see how this product is made out of all-natural products.
  • My favorite alternative to a wet gel.
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Curly Hair Products by Carol’s Daughter, Hair Milk Curl Refresher Spray

Award: Best Curl Refresher Spray

How To Use It: Spray on dry styled hair to reactivate your curls. After you use the spray use your fingers to reshape your curls.

Special Ingredients: Agave, Sweet Almond, Wheat Protein

Benefits: Product you can use on days you don’t wash your hair that eliminates frizz and reshapes your hair.

Reviews Have Said: 

  • Doesn’t leave my thin curly hair look greasy.
  • Thank you, Jesus! My curly hair loves this and any girl with curly hair knows how hard it can be to find a product that actually works.
  • Holds my curls without causing it to be stiff.
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DevaCurl Duo 

Award: Best Shampoo + Conditioner Combo

How To Use It: This is a shampoo and conditioner combo however, many refer to it as a cleansing product vs. a technical shampoo product.

Fun Fact: Most people love this set over the popular WEN shampoo, conditioner combo.

Benefits: Specifically made for girls with curly hair and works as a no lather shampoo so you don’t ruin the curl structure, which is what helps prevent frizz.

Reviews Have Said:

  • I no longer have bad hair days with the DevaCurl duo.
  • I like that this product is a shampoo and conditioner product and it’s not something I have to use after the shower only.
  • In an attempt to remove chemicals from my hair care products DevaCurl Duo was a lifesaver.

To be noted: You will see random reviews saying this product is bad and reviews will claim bad things. Most of the time these reviews are done by competitors of DecvaCurl Duo and aren’t actually true reviews.

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Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Award: Best Leave-in Conditioner

How To Use It: You can actually apply this product to damp or dry hair. Put it in section by section and leave it in. Can be used as a leave-in conditioner and as a styling cream.

Special Ingredients: Coconut oil, silk protein, neem oil

Special Product Info: This is actually vegan and has the bunny stamp of approval.

Reviews Have Said:

  • I prefer to use this on damp hair vs. dry hair.
  • OMG, I can’t believe the difference it made on my hair. Curls are not frizzy and you can see my natural shape like never before.
  • Keeps curls fresh even after you are in rough outside elements like wind and heat.
  • Haven’t had to wet and reapply anything on my hair after using this product.
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TGI Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier 

Award: Best Product For Curl Separation and Definition

How To Use It: Put on towel-dried hair from mid-lengths to ends.

Benefits: Adds a kick to your waves and curls by amplifying your curl pattern. Also protects your hair from everyday environmental damage and helps separate curls so they aren’t in giant clumps.

Ingredients: Hydrolysed keratin, Glycerin, Silicone-alternative conditioners

Reviews Have Said:

  • If you have curly or wavy hair this is an amazing product and people always ask me what curl products I use.
  • Works best when you let your hair naturally air dry.
  • Seriously love this product.
  • This was the first product I used that allowed me to stop wanting to straighten my hair.
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Hot Tot Hair Care For Babies Toddlers and Children 

Award: Best Curl Product For Children

How To Use It: Work a small amount through damp hair.

Why It’s Good For Kids: This product is ideal for kids because it is hypoallergenic, water-soluble. It is free of soy, gluten, peanut, dairy, and GMO’s. Gentle formula is pediatrician and dermatologist approved.

Special Ingredients: Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, White Teal Leaf Extract, and Vitamin B-5.Has a sweet pea scent.

Fun Fact: This was on Shark Tanks sean 4!

Cosmetologist Suggestion: Don’t try to diffuse your child’s hair. It is best to start using a diffuser once they are a little older so they can understand what a diffuser is and how to accurately use it.

Reviews Have Said:

  • Great for my daughters 3-year-old light blonde curls. My adult products were making her hair fall flat an stick to her head. Only need a tiny bit of this product which means it will last a long time.
  • Doesn’t leave my child’s hair feeling heavy or greasy.
  • Can last on my daughter’s curls for a good 7-9 days.
  • I have a mixed family and this product works great on all of their hair!
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Redken Frizz Dismiss

Award: Best Curly Hair Heat Styling Aid

How To Use It: Can be used daily and should be used any time you use a heat tool. Is a heat styling protectant and a frizz eliminator. Can reapply it throughout the day to add moisture.

Added Benefits: This works great as a soothing oil product and serum. It works great with any hair type, including grey stubborn hair.

Cosmetologist Suggestion: Don’t use too much of this on your roots or it will get oily. Use most of the products midlength and more on your ends. I love Redken and it’s always one of my go-to products I suggest to my clients.

Reviews Have Said:

  • A little goes a long way with this product.
  • I love that this product makes my hair feel natural and silky soft.
  • Can’t tell you how many ridiculous and overpriced products I have tried, this one is the only curly hair product you need.
  • Helps me fight the poofy hair look that only curly hair girls will understand.
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John Frieda Frizz-Ease Expert Finish Polishing Serum

Award: Best Curl Serum

How To Use It: Apply to dry hair. Pump 1 to 2 pumps in your hands, rub hands together and disperse through your hair. If you want, you can use it on damp hair.

Benefits: Prevents frizz and flyaways from popping up all over.

Reviews Have Said:

  • Tried a small sample of this and have been hooked ever since.
  • This stuff leaves my hair soft and super touchable.
  • I use this at night when my hair is damp and let it air dry overnight.
  • Love this product! It really finalizes the last step of my hair care routine.
  • This product works much better than I had expected.
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Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray

Award: Best Blow-drying Spray

How To Use It: Spray all over your curls before you diffuse them.

Benefits: Smells great! Helps prevent damage and breakage. Helps detangle, smooth and soften your curls. Additionally, eliminates frizz and helps fight humidity. Shortens drying time by over 50%!

Cosmetologist Recommendation: I absolutely love this product and I love how it smells. I would use this on all of my clients, especially my clients who had curly hair and it’s one of those products that stands the test of time and remains to be on of my favorite blow-drying products. Kenra is a top professional brand that continues to grow in excellence throughout the years.

Reviews Have Said: 

  • Love this product and was shocked at how it actually shortened my overall drying time.
  • Such a saving grace and is one of the curl products I can’t live without.
  • This stuff is magical, my stylist recommended it to me over a year ago and I have used it every day.
  • This stuff smells like heaven and is lightweight on my curls.
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