9 Best Hair Extensions To Own Now – Hairstylist Tested

With a million different types of hair extensions on the market, it can be almost impossible to know which type is best for you. Sorting through the cosplay extensions and the luxury brands can be harder than sorting through what you want to name your first child, or pet.

I have done years of trial and error with extensions of all types, and have rounded up a list of the best versions you should try today.

Favorite Extensions At A Quick Glance

If you aren’t sure if extensions are for you, I’m here to tell you they are! That girl, you always see getting her coffee at Starbucks in the morning is probably wearing them. If you ever see women and think their hair looks too good to be true, it probably is.

As a professional cosmetologist who does hair for high profile clientele, I can tell you that they all wear extensions of some type. By just wearing extensions myself, I have converted more friends and family members than I can count.


Before we dive deep into the best hair extensions, we will go over a few FAQs to help you better understand which ones are best for you.

Why wear hair extensions?

Hair extensions aren’t just for providing length, but they can be a great option to add volume, color, and can be a great way to add a different style.

Are extensions bad for your hair?

When appropriately applied, hair extensions provide zero damage to your hair! In fact, extensions can actually help heal broken or damaged hair by providing you with a style that won’t require you to use hot tools or tons of products.

Using extensions can help save your hair health and bring life back to dull locks.

Do hair extensions help grow hair?

Yes! Because you are giving your hair a break from styling tools, hot tools, products, pulling, and stretching, it helps save hair integrity and thus will help it grow. Hair growth stops when breakage happens.

Do hair extensions look natural?

Yes! The whole point of hair extensions is to blend with your current hair, so they look natural.

How can I make hair extensions look more natural?

There are a few easy tricks to make any type of hair extension look natural:

  • Make sure you are buying a color to match your current hair. If you buy real human hair extensions, you can take them to your hairdresser and have them color your new extensions to match the exact color used on your real hair. It’s not weird, and I have colored many extensions for clients throughout my career. You can even call and ask them to color your extensions even if you aren’t due for a touchup yet.
  • Take your extensions to your hairdresser so they can give them a facelift by cutting them to blend into your hair. They may choose to debulk the extensions with thinning shears if you don’t want the extra added volume.
  • Use dry shampoo or baby powder to tone down the shine on cheaper extensions.
  • If you have think hair, you may need to buy multiple packs. I personally typically need two packages to have the extensions blend properly. This is what I have to do because my hair is coarse and thick overall.
  • If you are pretty savvy with hair, you can try to color and cut the extensions yourself. Remember, you can only color real human hair, and synthetic hair will not be able to be colored.

Additionally, if you want to cut your extensions yourself, keep in mind that synthetic hair should be point cut or the ends will be very blunt, and they will stand out.

Can solid colored hair blend with colored or highlighted extensions?

Yes! If you are one solid color and you get extensions that are another solid color, you would want to wear your hair curly, so they blend. They can also look more natural if you style your hair in a braid or in a type of updos like a ponytail or bun.

My professional suggestion for wearing another color is to get ombre extensions, so the top of the extension matches your natural hair, and it slowly blends into another color.

Can you wear extensions every day?

Again, yes. Most lazy girl extensions are ones that you can put in and out daily, and they are the type I suggest you start off with.

Tape-in, sew in or braid in extensions are types that you can wear for days or weeks at a time.

Clip-in, halo, and ponty tail extensions are ones you can wear daily.

How long do hair extensions last?

Hair extension life will depend solely on how you take care of the extensions. Minimal maintenance is required and can be as easy as:

  • storing your extensions in a proper place
  • using heat protectant sprays before using hot tools on them
  • using the recommend heat for styling tools
  • brushing them out properly before and after use with a proper soft brush
  • don’t wash synthetic extensions
  • lay out human hair extensions to dry flat, don’t blow dry them
  • try using dry shampoo to keep hair fresh instead of harsh perfumes

Now that you have all of your FAQs answered, let’s dive deep into the best hair extensions you should own now!

Tape In Extensions

What are tape in extensions? Tape in extensions are typically implemented throughout your entire head and are applied via once inch wefts. These wefts are sandwiched in between thin layers of hair.

Tape In Extension Application o

You can apply tape in extensions yourself if you are handy with hair or you can buy them and have a professional put them in for you. Finish styling by cutting them to blend in with your real hair.

Professional tip: If you want a professional hairdresser to put them in make sure you call around and let them know you are interested in the application of tape in hair extensions. When you make the appointment let them know you will be bringing in your OWN extensions. Some hairstylists will be fine with that and some won’t because they might want you to purchase their tape in extensions.

Professional Opinion: These are the best semi-permanent option, but they will take a few wears to get used to.

Con: If you aren’t familiar with hair extensions then trying to put them in yourself could leave to you using too many wefts which will make your head feel super heavy, or you might not use enough which will make your hair look choppy.

Glam Seamless – Tape In

Best Semi-Permanent Method

Those who want a semi-permanent option they can sleep in, workout in, and can wear for weeks at a time will want a tape in extension.

My favorite brand for tape-in extensions is glam seamless.

Hair Colors: They offer all-natural color tape in wefts from black to blonde, with over 65 color options!

Lengths: They offer lengths from 14 inches all the way up to 28 inches.

Why are they my favorite?

  • They offer more hair per pack than other tape in companies
  • You can put them in and take them out super easy without having to go to the salon.
  • All tape ins are 100% Remy hair!

Style: Straight to wavy styles are all available to match how you typically wear your hair!

Packs: Glam seamless also offer different sets of packs including:

  • 20 Tape Wefts
  • 10 Tape Wefts
  • 10 Skin Weft Tape
  • 30 Tape Wefts
  • Wavy Tape Ins

To check out these tap in hair extensions more in-depth I suggest taking a peek here!

Glam Seamless Alternative

If Glam Seamless tape in hair isn’t your cup of tea you can check out a few of these alternatives.

Moresoo – Tape In

Lengths: 12 – 28 inches

Hair Colors: Black to blonde!

Style: Wavy Straight or curly

Packs: 20 pieces Hair is 2.5g per piece,20pcs/50g Per Package

Con: You will most likely have to buy a few of these (typically 2-3 boxes) depending on the length and thickness of your hair

Hair type: Real Human Hair.

For ombre options, you can take a peek here!

SEGO  – Tape In

Length: 12 to 24 inches

Hair Colors: Black to blonde.

Style: They come straight but you can style it any way you like

Packs: 40 pieces. 30 gram – 100 gram options

Con: Not a wide range of options for redheads

Hair type: Human hair

Halo Extensions

Halo extensions are one of the easiest forms of hair extensions and they are a lazy girl’s dream. They take but seconds to put in and take out, making them great for girls who don’t want a high maintenance option. These are the best style and go type of option.

Halo extension don’t use any type of physical attachment in order to stay on your hair or scalp. These extensions sit on your head via some type of wire or string that goes over your head and the extensions sit in the back of your ear and the nape of your neck.

You can take them to your hairstylist to have them cut off additional length, but typically halo extensions don’t require that step.

The easiest way to apply halo extensions is to part the top crown of your hair, secure with a hair sectioning clip, wrap the halo piece around your sectioned out hair, let your top hair down and use a comb to blend in the wire that much more. If you don’t want to section your hair you don’t even have to but I find it to be a helpful step.

Some halo extensions won’t have a string that goes around your head, and instead, they will be sewed onto a hairpiece that you simply slip around the halo of your head, hence the name.

Professional Opinion: These are the MOST comfortable extensions to wear.

Con: Might not be the best option if you have hair above your shoulders unless you plan on wearing your hair in a half-up style.

Glam Seamless – Halo Extension

Easiest Hair Extensions To Apply


Length: 16, 22 and 22 inches

Hair Colors: Black to brown with over 37 color options.

Style: Come wavy and you can style it however you wish. This comes naturally layered already so no additional cutting or shaping is required. They also come with clips for extra secure placement and a stretchy wire that fits any head, and for this reason, this brand really stands above the rest.

Pack: Each halo hair extension is about 180 – 220 grams of hair

Hair Type: 100% Remy human hair

Full Shine – Halo

Length: 12 – 22 inch

Hair Type: 100% human hair with 80 grams.

Style: Comes waves and you can style it any way you want with hot tools.

Pack: Each halo piece comes with a fishline and clips to secure the hairpiece, as well as a textured fabric by the top of the piece to hold it to your hair so it doesn’t slip.

Hair Colors: Black to blonde!

SARLA Synthetic Wavy – Halo

Best Budget Option

Length: 14 to 18 inches

Hair Colors: Black to Blonde, and a few fashion colors like pink and silver.

Style: This halo piece is a wavy piece and since it is synthetic you can’t restyle it. An awesome option for those who want a style that stays all day long.

Pack: Each halo piece comes on a fish wire that is adjustable.

Hair Type: Synthetic Hair

Con: I own this one and while I do love it and you can’t beat the price, I wish it came with some textured material so it would stay better on my head. It just comes with the hairpiece and no extras clips which would make me nervous to wear it on a fast-moving device like a roller coaster.

Pro: I wore it all day during my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party and it stayed great, even though the dancing festivities! I just would be a bit more comfortable if there was the extras that other halo pieces come with.

Clip In Hair Extensions

These are the OG hair extensions and I have owned more of these than I can even count. I use these for everything from length to extra sexy volume. They are the second easiest form of extensions to use.

Glam Seamless Clip In Extension

To put these extensions in all you have to do is part your hair starting from the bottom and leave about a half in the section of hair down, then clip the extensions in and work your way up to your head in sectioned out parts alternating one-inch sections. Clip-ins are typically applied from the bottom of your hair by your neck all the way up just below your crown.

Con: You might need to get two sets depending on how thick your hair is. As you know by now my hair is thick and I always have to get two packs of these to blend naturally into my hair.

Glam Seamless – Clip In Extension

Most Used Hair Extension

Length: 16 – 28 inches

Colors: Black to blonde, Highlights, Ombre, Colormelt, Balayage and more! Check out all options here!

Style: Come wavy but you can style them any way you want!

Pack: You can choose the pack you want form full clip ins to single clip ins. Each comes in a 7 weft set pack.

Hair Type: 100% Remy Human Hair

Googoo Hair Extensions Clip in

Length: 16 – 24 inches

Colors: Different colors of ombre and highlights that can be viewed here! Make sure you match the top root with the root of your natural hair color.

Style: Wavy, style as you wish with heat tools.

Pack: 120 grams with 7 pieces per pack

Hair Type: 100% Remy Human Hair

Con: You may need 2 packs depending on how thick your hair is.

s-noilite Clip in Human Hair Extensions 

Length: 10 – 24 inches

Colors: Black through Blond, Ombre, Bayalayge, and Highlights – See more in-depth here.

Style: Comes straight or wavy, style as desired.

Pack: 110 – 170 grams

Hair Type: 100% Remy Human Hair

Con: As I said before, you may need 2 packs of these to fully blend in with your real hair.

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